Monday, June 6, 2011

Toddlers and Marriage

When Mo was a toddler I worked graveyard shift. 5pm to 5am every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. This helped us keep Mo out of daycare. In addition to working the weekends I also took care of a lovely little man during the day while his Momma worked, Baby Jake.

Baby Jake was a month younger than Mo, a good head taller than she was, and not much of  a talker. There really wasn't any need for him to talk, Mo talked enough for both of them. Someone once said that she talked like a five year old before she was two. Mo talked early and often, not quite as much of a joy as you might think.

On Monday mornings when I got home from work around 5:30M I would go to sleep on the couch. Baby Jake's Mom would bring him at 8 or so, put him on the other end of the couch, pop in a movie and the kids would let me sleep until the movie was over.

It wasn't a bad arrangement, for two year olds they were surprisingly good and pretty independent. It also helped that we lived in a tiny little apartment and I heard every noise.

One morning I woke up, looked at the clock, it was after ten and the apartment was completely silent. Even the TV was  turned off. I jumped up in a panic thinking the kids had gone outside and I hadn't heard them. I ran into Mo's room and there they were. Buck ass naked.

Not only were they naked but they had colored each other's little bodies from head to toe with magic marker. I mean everything, their face, their little bums, fingers and toes.

As I stood there, still half a sleep, more than a little in shock, my baby girl smiled at me and said, " We got married Mommy."

Umm, yeah, let's go take a bath and never speak of this again.


  1. lol I remember the picture you posted with this entry, your kitchen shortly before you moved =(, boy did they have fun fingerpainting that day!!

  2. They can make your home look like a tornado blew through it. I called my granddaughters the "blonde tornadoes" for that very reason. Vist to grandma's and leave her to clean up the disaster. Kids are amazing aren't they? This was a cute post.

  3. Cherie it was fun wasn't it? Did you let Carlee do that to your kitchen?
    Barb- thanks, I love kid stories! I don't have any grandchildren but there are still lots of babies around and my favorite thing to do is make a mess with them!

  4. Me and Paula were just talking about how Mo always took care of Baby Jake:) We still call him that sometimes! Good times my friend, good times!

  5. Hahahaha! Thanks for kicking my morning off with a giggle.

  6. I had forgotten all about that Mis. Marianne told me about this I LOVE IT!!! I miss them when they were babies and how cute it was to watch Mo treat Baby Jake like her very own baby. I do remember her even repremanding you for not doing something for him correctly. TOO FUNNY!!


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