Friday, June 3, 2011

Ode To Being a Mom, or I can't think of anything I haven't already said

June is Mo's month, I may have mentioned that a time or two. So I'm trying, for the whole month, to write posts about my baby girl. I sat at the computer and thought, ok, today I'll write about infertility. Then I remembered I wrote about our time in infertility hell here.

Fine,  I will write about how wonderful my IVF experience was, that story is always good for a laugh. Oh wait, I wrote about that here.

Whatever, I'll just tell Mo's birth story, all those tender, loving moments, with the soft music and mood lighting. Ummm, that's here.

So here I sit, fingers on my keyboard, searching for something witty and entertaining to write, and I got nothing! Not one single thing I haven't told you before. Except maybe this. As much as I complain about teenagers and dirty rooms and laundry that won't do itself, I love being Mo's mom.

As every Mom knows, there is no way to describe the love you have for your child. There is also no way to let anyone know that although you love that child, sometimes, oh boy, sometimes. And all of you Mom's know exactly what I mean!

The past (almost) 18 years have been a blur, but there are still moments that stick out with such clarity they could have happened yesterday.

That first glimpse of my new baby girl, flailing her arms in the air as the doctor held her up between my knees. Nursing her at night, when the world was dark and quiet and it was just me and my baby. Driving to see Santa at the mall reminding Mo over and over again that she couldn't ask Santa for a pony or a baby sister. Standing at work, on the phone, singing You Are My Sunshine to Mo because she wouldn't go to sleep without it.

Of course I remember all the "firsts" too. And loved every one of them, but even better were the things that were strictly Mo, like You Are My Sunshine, and telling me I have a big butt. I love being a Mom. but mostly because Mo has made it wonderful. I'm not going to tell you that this is the easiest job I've ever had but it is by far, the most rewarding.

Tomorrow Mo will be making me crazy again, her room is a mess, her dishes everywhere, her car is a rolling garbage dump, but for tonight, she can do no wrong.

Thanks again Mo, for picking me and making it so much fun to be your Mom.


  1. Gotta love the sunshine song, it can fix anything... Maureen

  2. What a great post. She's a lucky girl and you're a lucky Mom.

  3. What a sweet, beautiful, heartfelt post. She is lucky to have you as a mom!

  4. My son loved You Are My Sunshine too! Yeah, these kids have the ability to bring out the fiercest love and give us the most angst; don't they?

  5. It's funny how much you can love someone who can drive you out of your mind!

  6. Your kids are your greatest achievement...and they will never quite understand how great they are to you.


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