Thursday, June 9, 2011

My name is Carol and I have spanked my child

Are you guys getting tired of hearing stories about Mo yet? Well, sorry, it's her month, so it's filled with Mo, and trust me, there are lots of stories.

This one, does not shed the best light on me, but I'm human and sometimes that little girl I love so much can push all of my buttons.

I have always believed that you should not strike your child, ever. Being bigger there is no need to use physical punishment, and I was one of those sunshine and flowers moms, we don't use our hands to hurt the people we love.

Mo helped me not be one of "those" parents. She was always very well behaved, we could take that kid anywhere.

One day when she was five we ran to the grocery store, she asked on the way there if she could get a treat. I grabbed the items I wanted and I was in kind of a hurry, I needed to go home and make dinner. We went down the candy aisle, nothing there she wanted, we looked on the end cap that was full of candy. Nope, not one thing. "I'll get something at the checkout Mommy."

Great, to the checkout we go. Well guess what? She doesn't want anything there, she wants to go back to the candy aisle. Mo had never had a real tantrum so  I was completely unprepared for what happened next.

Mo was in the front of the cart, she was a very tiny five year old. I told her we  weren't going back to the candy aisle, it was something from here or nothing, she had her choice. 

The pouty face comes out "Mommy, you said I could have a treat. I want a treat."

"Sorry baby girl, we went down the candy aisle, I'm checking out, choose something from here or nothing at all."

The next thing I knew Sybil had possessed my baby because suddenly she screamed in my face- "I want a treat!"
  What the hell? Who is this child and why isn't her mother making her shut up! Mo didn't scream once, or even twice, it became a mantra, I WANT A TREAT, I WANT A TREAT, I WANT A TREAT!

I couldn't even hear the girl at the check out stand. To say I was embarrassed would be making light of the situation.

I paid for my groceries and calmly pushed the cart containing the child of Satan out of the store and to the car. I'm still trying to stay calm. Although I keep thinking, oh you are gonna get a treat if you don't shut up, but not the one you want!

I get to the car, Mo is still screaming, people are staring. I put her in her car seat and buckle her in. When she stops screaming long enough to take a breath I tell her how disappointed I am with her. While I'm telling her this, what does she do? Screams in my face, again.

I'm sorry to say that I unbuckled that car seat. stood my daughter on her feet and spanked her bottom, twice. Remembering my mother saying- if you are gonna cry, I'm gonna give you something to cry about.

I put Mo back in her car seat, now she is crying along with the screaming. I don't understand why I taught her to talk. I get in the car, start it, and she is still screaming. I turn up the radio as loud as it will go to drown out the sound of cats being tortured in the backseat.

It takes about five minutes to get home from the store. I pull into the garage and turn off the car, she is still screaming. I get out of the car, leaving the possessed child in there and calmly walk upstairs where I tell her father:

" If you want her, you better go get her, because if I have to get her out of that car, I'm gonna hurt her." Then I go to my room to cry.

Five minutes later Steve comes upstairs with my sleeping child in his arms.
   " You don't have to be so mean to her, she was just tired."

I now longer want to beat my child, but I'm gonna kill her father in his sleep.


  1. My son is almost 30 and yes I spanked him. Once when he ran right out into the street after a ball in front of a car. He never did it again. Another time when he pulled a tantrum in the store. I hauled him outside and when he dead weighted and pulled his legs up I swatted him then too. He never had another tantrum. He was a pretty well behaved kid. He saved all his bad habits for when he was an adult and then took out his anger at me with is mouth. Things are so different now. You see someone spank their kid and it's like a cardinal sin. The joys of parenthood!!

  2. I swatted mine a time or two....but it never worked so we ended up having to get creative with punishments. As for a full blown tantrum in the store? I don't know that he ever did that (at home he did it plenty).

  3. Barb, aren't they wonderful! That was Mo's only tantrum and I have to say, I was ill equipped to deal with it!

  4. Oh, Sugar. One time when Tabitha was about 2 or 3 we were in the grocery store and I was trying to get her to sit her little ass in the front of the cart and that child STOMPED ON MY DAMN HAND. Oh hell yeah, I spanked her, you better believe it! Didn't do much good, but man, it made ME feel better...for about 5 minutes, then I had to go cry also.

  5. Oh gee..I have to laugh now! One tantrum?? If I could still spank an 18 year old I would! You have to remember Autumn and her tantrums...they started at 6 months and still continue to this day. Be glad you never had to pick up a kid out of a restaurant at age 13 or 14 and carry her out (while she is screaming)!! Kids these days have no shame!


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