Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Little Girls Love Their Mommas

I love having a daughter, when she was an infant and toddler it was so much fun dressing her up and doing her hair. I loved showing her off, but then, she learned to talk.

All the little boys I knew thought their Mommy's were beautiful, they were jealous of their Daddy's and wanted to marry that wonderful Mommy when they grew up. Sometimes I desperately wanted a boy.

Mo was the sweetest little thing, to everyone else. Seemed like she found every single one of my flaws and took pride in publicly pointing them out.

One day we were in the grocery store and Mo was in the front of the cart. I'm pushing the cart through the store, just talking to Mo while I shop when suddenly, she pokes me in the tummy.

  " Mommy, do you have a baby in there?"
  " No Mo, I do not have a baby in there."
  " Well, then I think you must eat too much candy."

Nothing like diet tips from a toddler in the middle of the grocery store. Another time I was getting her out of her car seat, I set her on the ground and turned around to shut the car door. Big mistake.

  "Mommy, you have a big butt."
  " I do not have a big butt! That's not nice."
   " Yes you do Mommy, look at my butt and then look at yours. Yours is BIG!!"

She still had the nerve to ask for a treat in the store. Little monster. I can't wait until she has babies of her own, I hope she has lots and lots of girls. And I hope they are as nice to their Momma as she was to hers.


  1. LOL! Oh my! I have one of each and while my son was a sweetie when he was younger (I love you, Mommy. I want to marry you, etc.), my daughter is now the one who takes care of me when I'M sick...helps make dinner and clean up...just a bit more caring.

    Great post...very funny!

  2. I think my mother called it "mother's revenge". When my son was born she wished that this child would put me through hell so I could understand what hell I put her through. And he did and still does at almost 30!!!

  3. Although my own kiddies may have thought it, it was my lovable little stepson who voiced it! When he was barely three, we took him camping on vacation. I let him share a shower with me in the common area showers of the campground. It was then he felt the need to fill me in on the fact that I had a "fat hiney", much to the amusement of the women who were waiting for their turn in the shower stall! But, no matter what, I still love Brian with all my heart!

  4. LOL! You can always count on little ones - boy or girl - to say EXACTLY what they are thinking!

  5. I love that! My son wrote a poem for me at school and it include the line "Your eyes are as blue as the sky". That's sweet right? When I gently told him, Honey, Mom's eyes are brown. He responded "What was I supposed to say? Your eyes are brown as dirt?"

  6. I love the kid stories, they are so funny! Thanks for reading everyone!


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