Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

As Mo's birthday approaches the posts have gotten sporadic. First because, as I may have mentioned, it's hard to write about one subject, and second, it's just been a crazy month. Good crazy, but crazy all the same.

Eighteen years old my little girl showed me just how much of  a Daddy's girl she was going to be. Mo's due date was July 14th but she insisted on being born almost a month early, on Father's Day.

I remember looking at Mo's father and saying to him " Don't ever expect anything for Father's Day as long as you live." How was I supposed to top his first Father's Day present.

When Mo was three, her father came home from work and she tried to push me out the door. "I don't need you, my Daddy's here." Ouch, that smarted a little bit.

When Mo was five and I was no longer working graveyards she was sick in the middle of the night, I got up with her and was in the bathroom making sure she was OK. Mo looked at me and said, " Go get Daddy, I need Daddy." When I didn't go get her father, my precious little vomiting child ran out of the bathroom and into our bedroom to get her Daddy, insisting that he take care of her.

Now that she's all grown up she pretends she doesn't need us anymore but I know the truth. Last year when her Daddy was working out of the country and came home unexpectedly on Easter to surprise Mo, she cried and clung to him like she thought she would never see him again.

Mo continues to be a Daddy's girl even though she denies it. Her Daddy is number on in her heart, I'm a close second, but it's OK, little girls are supposed to love their Daddy best.

So, on Father's Day and every day I want to say thank you to Steve. Thank you for Mo and thank you for being her Daddy.

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  1. I'm so proud of you for being so understanding with the relationship Mo has with her Daddy...seems to me that all little and big girls are Daddys little girls even if Daddy isn't around everyday..I guess its just a girl thing..I loved doing things with my Daddy to and only wish he was still around to go fishing with. I will always be a Daddys girl!!!


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