Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Combining Parties

This year, I cheating on Mo's birthday party. I know I should feel bad, and I do,( maybe just a little) because this is her 18th birthday and I feel like I should make a bigger deal out of it. But, she also graduated this month, and as much as my family loves us, two parties in one month may be pushing it a little.

So Saturday we did a  graduation/birthday party. The decorations were a hodge podge, birthday and graduation, as will the food and the celebration. We are rolling it all into one.

I've made enough cake pops to feed a small army, if you've never had them, google it and make them now, they are my newest food addiction. And a major contributor to the size of my ass- don't say you weren't warned.

I'm hoping that this will be a party Mo always remembers. I want her to look back on this time and see it through rose colored glasses. Right now, I am seeing everything about Mo in this wonderful rosy hue.

It's time to let go, at least a little, let my baby bird fly. Some days I'm so sad at the thought of my daughter being an adult and making her way in the world, and other days, I'm so excited for her and all the possibilities that are out there.

She's going to make some mistakes, after all, she had a good teacher in that area, and I'm not looking forward to those, but I know she will be fine.

Just the other day, I was irritated at some teenage thing she was doing or not doing and instead of being defensive and argumentative, Mo talked to me, actually talked. Calmly stated her point, and what she would do differently from now on. There was no attitude, no eye rolling.

A Mom could get used to this!

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  1. I'm sure she will look back on this time fondly - and won't feel cheated at all.

    And yeah - that letting go thing....it's gonna be so hard when it's my turn; so I definitely don't have any advice.


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