Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bestest friends

 My darling daughter, like most kids, has had quite a few friends in her short little life. All of them, at one point were her "best friend." Most of them have come and gone. All kids friendship change, their interests are different, people move in and out of the neighborhood. Nothing lasts forever, especially childhood friendships.

Except for one. Mo and Crystal met on the first day of kindergarten. They had a lot in common, mostly that they were shorter than everyone else, and plenty of differences. Mo was an only child, Crys was the middle child of three, at the time.

Kindergarten graduation

Crys came to our house for peace and quiet, Mo went to hers for the sibling experience. This little girl has called me Mom since she was five. Mo calls Crystal's Mom, Momma Dee. Crys's siblings are like siblings to Mo.

Crystal's birthday was Mo's actual due date so they told everyone they were twins. Sometimes that made for uncomfortable conversations.. I remember once when Mo was about 7 she was getting her hair cut, it went from past her shoulders to a cute little chin length bob. Mo told the girl cutting her hair that she couldn't wait to show her sister. Of course the hairdresser asked about her sister, Mo told her they were twins but that I gave Crystal up for adoption. Ummm, what?

Mo and Crys were so alike that when we stopped at Crystals house after the haircut so she could show her, it couldn't possibly wait until the next day, we found the Crys had just got the exact same haircut. They are definitely two peas in a pod.

We have photo albums filled with the two of them, birthday parties, school things, just playing in the backyard. The girls have had so many sleepovers that for a while there it was like we had twins we shared with another family.

The girls have been through a lot together. When their respective parents got divorced, they faced it together. When their mother's remarried, they held each other's hands. When they had their first broken hearts, they cried to each other.

High school graduation
Crys, Mo and Kenz

This week was no exception. Crystal was at Mo's graduation and at her party yesterday. Now that they are older they don't spend quite as much time together, but as soon as they are together, it's like no time has passed at all.

I walked into Mo's bedroom last night during the party to find that Mo and her heart sister had snuck away from everyone and were snuggled up in bed, talking, just like when they were little. I hope they never lose each other.

My girls


  1. Sounds like she found a "forever" friend. I'm sure these two won't drift apart.

  2. They sound like sweet young ladies. I hope they are writing a blog about each other 40 years from now. Everyone needs a best friend like that. Nice post and pics.


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