Monday, May 16, 2011

The Vegas series

So my sister and I went to Vegas. You may recall my company gave me the trip for superior, super fantastic, out of this world performance. No they didn't say that, but I knew what they meant.

No trip to Vegas is complete without walking the strip. We totally brought the wrong shoes for a six hour walk up and down the strip in 85 degree heat. When we got back to the hotel we were both hobbling and wonderng if our feet would ever be the same.

When I got home I decided that before I could write one more blog, I needed new shoes. Happy feet make happy  fingers, or something like that.

I found this site Bluefly, and boy do they have lots of shoes. They use this acronym BCBG which stand for bon chic, bon genre or holy crap, where can I get some of those shoes!

While cruising the site I found BCBG shoes! They have some really cute shoes, which made me think of Linda, and then I remembered, I'm supposed to be looking for comfy shoes, not ones that are likely to cause me to break my neck. It's a proven fact that I can't walk in heels, if you just want me to stand there and show you how cute my shoes are, fine. If I gotta move, I gotta take  them off!

Lucky for me they also had some cute little flats and a pair of boots that  may cause me to sell my firstborn. I think I'll stick to the flats, my toes will thank me.

More to come on the Vegas trip, as soon as I'm done soaking my tootsies!

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  1. Since I'm supposed to be on a shopping diet, I'm going to pretend like I didn't even read that.....ohhh, what would one little peek hurt?


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