Monday, May 30, 2011

Top Ten Things We Did NOT Do In Vegas

So I went to Vegas with my sister. All in all it was a pretty boring trip. We both discovered that we are no longer the party animals we once were, now we need naps and an early bedtime. Why do I think there is some Geritol in my future?

So instead of writing a post about all the boring things we did in Vegas I thought I would make a top ten of things we didn't do, but should have.

10. My sister did not get stuck in a bathroom stall and come home with a bruise on her arm and a gouge on her leg.

9. We did not make friends with a 70 year old drink girl who said she was 45. Trust me, if she was 45 Terrie and I were in the casino with fake id's.

8. We did not walk the strip for 6 hours in the wrong shoes and stare at a rather large black man wearing a pink thong and pasties. That was not us.

7. We did not contemplate buying our daughters t-shirts that said "If you think I'm a bitch you should meet my daughter". Our daughters are angels.

6. We were not intoxicated by 11:30 in the afternoon.

5. We did not eat at the buffet so often that all the employees knew us, by name

4 We did not text our baby sister and tell her we found a onsie for her. It said " Don't scare me, I poop easily." Nope, wasn't us.

3. We did not grope young men in the hotel lobby.

2. We did not get our pictures taken groping young men in the lobby cause I totally would have bought them if we did.

1. We did not have a blast spending sister time together, even if we did look special in the pictures we did not take.

If we had done any of those things, we certainly would have had a very interesting story to tell.


  1. Sounds like you still had a good time. Even if you didn't do any of those things.

  2. if you didn't get a chance to grope young men you can go ahead up to the temple and do that. i'm sure you'll even get pictures after that, but they usually call those mug shots.:) still love ya long distance. Michael C.

  3. Hmmm, the stories behind those things you didn't do sound interesting. Too bad you didn't do them so you can't tell us about them.

  4. Please post pictures of you two groping men in the lobby, that were not taken....!

  5. Carol, I wish I had gone to Vegas with you and your sister. I love all the things that didn't happen! And I could even add a couple to your list!

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