Monday, May 2, 2011

MS Walk

   Saturday was the MS Walk here in sunny Utah. Trina and I look forward to it every year. Last year we took Ivy, it was just the three of us. A very wonderful morning spend with my best friend and the cutest little MS walker anywhere.

   We decided that this year we need a team. We were going to go all out. Round up lots of people and spend an enjoyable Saturday morning with them. It was great to see everyone getting on board. Our team had 50 people by the time the walk rolled around.

  What we did not have- Mother Nature's blessing. I woke up to four inches of snow and it was still coming down. I called Trina and said "This is not gonna happen my friend, I've donated my money, I'm staying where it's warm. and dry." Really, walking in the snow, voluntarily, on the last day of April? I freaking think not!

   A few minutes later I get a text from Trina that says she may have to go, the kids are up and ready. My response- bribe them.

  Trina didn't think it was a good idea to bribe her children not to participate in a fundraiser, I hate when she's right. The kids decided they would stay home, Trina went back to bed and me? I'm trying to figure out why they call it global warming.


  1. Oh Dang, Carol! What a bummer! Really!

  2. Aw. But you've supplied us with a much-needed Monday laugh, so it's all worth it! Mother Nature must be seriously pissed at us...don't you think? There's no other explanation for this insanity. I do believe she owes us a pretty long summer.

    Yes, I said OWES US!

  3. Snow? On the last day of April? Yeah, you really need to think about moving a bit further south.


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