Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I can't even spell technologically savvy

   I have made some additional writing commitments lately but was determined not to abandon my blog. I spent several hours this past weekend composing witty, articulate, well thought out posts. Then I scheduled them to be delivered to the blog world on their appointed day and time.

  Apparently, in addition to all the other things I'm confused about I somehow that yesterday was yesterday as well as today and scheduled yesterday and today's posts for yesterday. Which left me postless for today.

  Never fear, I will not let you down, I found some useless information in my head that ya'll don't know about me and I'm compelled to share.

  1. I hate when people try to sell me stuff. Not because they are trying to sell it but because I am dumb enough to buy it and I already have enough stuff that I can't afford and will never use, most of it's under my bed, except for the rice cooker.
  2. I sit on an exercise ball at the computer. Just hear me out. I have to choose between reading blogs and exercise so I'm multitasking. The name of the thing has "exercise" in it so that's half the battle, right?
  3. I talk to myself, a lot. Now before you go looking for a blog written by someone with a few less bats in the belfry, let me explain. Since my little baby bird is not so little anymore and spends more and more time running screaming flying from the nest, I spend more and more time alone. It's just me and Clementine and she is not a very good conversationalist. At least I speak when I am spoken to, even if it's just by me.
  4. I covet things on other peoples blogs. Not their husbands or children or homes. Their appliances. I know I don't cook but those appliances taunt me with their sleek lines and many uses.
  That's it, I think there was more but I just realized I'm out of wine. Tell me something useless about you, it will empty your head for something important, like finding your car keys.


  1. HA! I need to empty my head so I can find my car keys! Just the other day (you missed it - we weren't Twitter buddies yet) I got in my car and began to search for my keys. They weren't in my pockets, they weren't in my purse. As I began to get frantic, I went to jump out of the car and rush back into the store - then it dawned on me! I had turned the car on BEFORE I started looking for the keys....yes, I have many days like this.

    And I also talk to myself and other inanimate objects all the time!

  2. Gigi I knew we were separated at birth!

  3. Ha! You are TOO FUNNY! I think you'll find that all the super-talented geniuses like us talk to ourselves...and we tend to drink a lot, too. Oh and we're all gorgeous as well. It's a curse, right?

    Gosh...useless information about me? Let's see: Because I'm sitting all day, by the time I log on at home, my butt HURTS. This causes me to jump up every few minutes to walk around the hou.....
    ................................... This means that everything takes longer to accomp.......................lish.
    But somehow, it gets done!

  4. I get so easily distracted. I have the concentration abilities of a flea. I walk upstairs to get something "important" and then come back down empty handed more likely than not. As soon as I'm back downstairs, of course I remember what it is. I need a brain transplant. But I am not sure who's brain would be a good match for me. Know what I mean?

  5. Ha. I walked upstairs to find my husband and went into the bedroom, then noticed him in another room, went in and talked to him, then went back in the bedroom and stood there wondering why I'd gone in there. Then I remembered I was looking for my husband. I decided to take a shower to clear my head. When I got out I got scared out of my wits by my bathrobe hanging on the hook. That was dumb, so I dried my hair and pondered medication. Then I put the dryer away and turned around and screamed AGAIN because of the bathrobe.

    Useless enough for ya?

  6. Ladies I'm laughing, I feel so much better know ing I'm not alone!

  7. i'm staying quiet because men never do things like that. :) michael c


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