Tuesday, May 3, 2011


   I text, a lot. I instant message, a lot. As a result of those things I struggle with capitalization and punctuation. Our written communication is deteriorating. In addition to lack of capital letters and comma’s, abbreviations are taking over our language.

   I’m not a fan of text abbreviations, mostly because my phone auto corrects everything so I wind up sending texts that make absolutely no sense.

  • OMG ROFLMAO you kill me- becomes - ooh roman you kill me
  • WTF are you thinking - becomes- yum are you thinking

    Kids use abbreviations more than most, Mo is pretty much a stickler for the English language so she doesn't abbreviate or misspell very often. One thing she does when I ask a question is "mhm" of course that is yes, why it's not easier to just type yes I don't know. I've decided that means Most Honorable Mother. It's my world remember.

Lately at work it seems like we are receiving more and more emails that include texting abbreviations.

Hello Joyce,
BTW Can I use YM if there are any questions about BP's?

 That is an actual email received at work. OMG is invading our spoken communication as well. I think it makes the person saying it sound like an idiot with a 7th grade education, but hey, who am I to judge?

I am guilty of LOL’ing with the best of them, however, I have never been tempted to email a client with texting abbreviations. Is this acceptable? Is this professional? Are we losing our ability to speak in full sentences? Enquiring minds what to know.


  1. Totally unacceptable in email; especially at work. Because, dammit, if I had to learn to type (or keyboarding, as they now call it) then so does everyone else!

    It's very rare that you will find me abbreviating my texts (or tweets) I'll throw in an OMG or an LOL, but otherwise, no; which may explain why I'm an extraordinarily sloooooooow texter! LOL! ;-)

  2. I believe that texting has affected my spelling skills. I notice things I misspell for convenience in a text creeping in if I'm not careful.
    But! In a business environment! If someone sent me a communication like that I would delete it without trying to decipher. And fire them because I'm the boss : )

  3. i don't know i kind of like " yum are you thinking"


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