Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And in other news......

I've neglected my blog again, although I said I wouldn't, I have and I'm sorry, but life keeps happening. I try really hard to write on here, and on and Examiner and apply for freelance writing jobs and I"m plum tuckered out!

I do have a full time job. I'm not sure my boss would say I work there full time since I spend a good portion of the day daydreaming about what to write but that's an entirely different story! So I'm working full time, writing as much as humanly possible, taking care of the house and the yard and raising this kid of mine.

Yesterday I went to the U2 concert, amazing, best stage ever! I took today off work because I knew that after a late concert there was no way I could be at work at six and be productive. Besides, Mo is graduating, I have stuff to do.

Today I worked in the yard, mowed, weeded and spread some grass seed. I put the veggie garden in a couple weeks ago but the part without veggies had weeds three feet high. Today, I tackled those weeds and as a result I look like a sunburned puffer fish.

My face is swollen and red and itchy. I seemed to be having an allergic reaction to something in that weed patch. Isn't that lovely? I knew I should have stayed in bed.

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  1. So sorry your swollen and itchy....take some benadryl and a warm bath with aveeno....Love You


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