Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You have got to be kidding!!!!!

   I'm not very political, I vote, there is just not a lot of science behind it. It you look like a nice guy and sound like you have some good ideas, I'm gonna vote for you. I voted for President Obama and I will most likely vote for him again.

  Especially when you consider the options. Say it with me-----Donald Trump----seriously?  He's not a nice man, he is rude and says unkind things to and about people. Yes, he has lots and lots of money, but when the going gets tough, The Donald simply files bankruptcy and starts all over again, is that an option for our country?

  Also, morally, I think our dear friend Mr. Trump, may be bankrupt there as well. What does this say about the Republican party if Donald Trump is at the top of their polls?

   For once, I am speechless. It will be a sad day when our county is swayed by the size of someones net worth rather than the scope of his ideas.


  1. I hadn't heard this yet, though I had heard that Donald Trump could never run for an office bc he is deathly afraid of germs and cannot shake hands.

  2. I think he's just blowing smoke for publicity. Besides, I seriously doubt if the GOP would nominate him to run. No, what scares me is the fact that the American public, when asked, looked around and picked him.

  3. I am a Republican who voted for Obama and shall do so a 2nd time. The Republican Party has gone mad.

  4. Ladies, I totally agree. This country has gone mad, and if he's elected I will do my very best to make sure I shake Mr. Trumps hand after I wipe the dogs butt!


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