Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where have I been? Why to see the queen of course!

  So the title of this blog has nothing to do with the actual content of the blog but since I didn't have a title, that one seemed as good as any.
  It is finally April.. I love spring, I love thinking about spring and knowing its on its way. Winter, this year especially, has not been very good to me.
  This year winter decided to thoroughly kick my butt, I lost my friend, I became a sloth, gained ten pounds ( ok, so it's closer to fifteen SHUT UP!), I lost my blogging mojo and, just for kicks, old man winter broke my tree.
  That tree was the first thing I fell in love with about my house. When I was getting myself ready to buy a house and riding around looking, from the outside, this house caught my eye because of that tree. It was beautiful, it was perfect. It's some kind of flowering pear that is perfectly round and amazing. I loved it. When Mo decided this house felt like home I was so happy, because of that tree.
    I kept thinking that I wanted to take pictures of my beautiful tree in each season and frame them and hang them on the wall in my living room. I loved that tree.
   I live in Utah, where snow is fluffy and light, it's almost fun to shovel because it's like fairy dust. Ok that was a little over the top, but you get the picture.
   This year, we got a heavy, wet, hateful snow. I woke up in the morning and thought we had six feet of snow because my beautiful tree was touching the ground. I ran to the garage and opened the door to, at the most, six inches. What the hell?
    I looked at my tree, my beautiful perfect tree and found it broken. Every branch, except the one directly in the middle of the tree, was bent to the ground under the weight of that snow. I started shaking branches, to free my tree of this heavy demon and that is when I discovered it was broken.
    My tree has become a symbol for this winter, everything has been cold, lonely and broken, with burdens too heavy to bear. Just when I thought winter was going to last forever, my great nephew was born. Noah came into the world on the first day of Spring, and like all babies, brings with him the hope of a brighter day. Welcome to the world Noah, we are so very glad you are here. Just one more reason to love Spring.


  1. What a beautiful statement...we are all so glad Noah is here and brings with him a new hope for the future and a wonderful spring!!!

  2. Beautiful, Carol. This was simply beautiful.

    It sounds like you had a Bradford Pear. I love them. And I mourn you loss with you - while I celebrate the new life that has been brought into your world.

  3. How very sad about your tree especially when you feel so highly of it with the house. I did however enjoy this post immensely (and the title).

  4. I'm so sorry about your tree! That really sucks! But oh my God1 A new baby on the first day of spring named Noah makes everything right with the world! I'm glad you are back! I've missed you.

  5. My friend I think it is time to plant a new tree in honor of Noah and new beginnings! And just a little matter what the load is you have to bear my friend I will be there to help you carry the load!!


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