Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Text obsession

   Remember your first cell phone? The one the size of a shoe box that weighed as much as a brick and was only used in the car? The good ole days.

   Now everyone has a cell phone, even my Daddy, which is the weirdest thing in the world because in my adult life I think I've talked to my father less than 20 times on the phone, and they were all holidays. Usually I talk to Mom and she says- Dad says Merry Christmas and he loves you- but now Daddy has a cell phone.

  Mo has had a cell phone since she was 12, as a single mother it made it easier for me to track her every move. I get a little upset if I call her and she doesn't answer, after all, I pay the damn bill, use the phone to talk to me!

  Cell phones make things so much easier in some ways, but so much more annoying in others. There is no more running out of the tub to get a ringing phone, it's always right there with me. No more waiting by the phone for a call, take it with you and talk where ever you are.

   Texting is another wonderful thing about cell phone, who needs to actually talk to people anymore. I'm grateful for unlimited texting plans because if I had to pay just one dollar  for every text Mo sends in a month it would be more than I make in a year.

  Texting is a funny thing, you can take things the wrong way sometimes and that can cause an uncomfortable moment or two. It does make it easier to respond to someone when it's not possible to answer the phone.

  Today, however, I learned how bad this addiction really is, my daughter and her friends text in the shower. Yes, in the shower.  Is there really anything so important it can't wait the ten minutes it takes you to shower?

  Apparently it is important for this next generation to never be out of touch, unless that is, their mother is calling.


  1. That little problem will end the first time she drops it and it gets wet and stops working! I dropped mine in a cup of coffee once. I was actually sitting on the toilet, and had my coffee sitting on the sink and tried to put my phone down beside my cup, get the rest!

  2. I'm with you on the whole "I pay the bill, answer it when I call" thing. I'm eternally irritated with mine about never answering when I call. They know I'm not a phone chatter so if I'm calling it's important; well....important to me anyway.

  3. OMG really??? This cracks me up and know I have to go and find out if my 14 year old niece does this.

  4. Vicki- Mo has dropped her phone in water more times than I can count.
    Gigi- You never know when I might have something important to say- it's all important tome!
    Heaven- she does, if not yet, she will!


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