Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Self centered blogging has begun!

My blog, how I’ve missed you! Funny how the little things, small changes, snowball until you have no idea where you are or how you got there.

In November I took the month off from blogging to write a 50,000 word novel for NaNoWriMo. It was fun, I hit my goal and showed myself what I can do if I put my nose to the grindstone.

Somehow, all that writing left me without my blogging mojo. I was sure it would come back, I wrote a bit here and there, but nothing seemed to come easy and what did come was not pleasing to my ear. So, more often than not, I hit delete.

I kept telling myself after the holidays I would get back on track, I was busy shopping, planning, cooking, baking, decorating. There has to be a limit to creativity, maybe I was just using mine in other directions.

Then my friend was murdered. I found that so difficult to wrap my mind around, after all, things like murder don’t happen to people I know, people I love.

Writing became even more difficult, especially my blog. It all seemed so petty, unimportant and narcissistic. It felt so exceedingly selfish to want people to read about my small, insignificant life. I’m still struggling with that, I keep remembering that other people have real problems and that I should be grateful instead of spending my time bitching about life in general.

I am grateful, I know I am so very blessed and that I have absolutely nothing to complain about………..but just try telling me that when the snow is killing my tree, the dog keeps pissing on the carpet, the dome light in my car won’t work, Uncle Sam is withholding my tax refund, my mortgage company is run by morons and I broke a freaking nail.

Fortunately I still have wine, and you, my friends, to get me over the rough spots.


  1. Yup, wine & blogging buddies...those are about the only things getting me through these days. I, too, feel very guilty when I gripe on my blog (just posted one and then, after some thought, deleted it) because there are bigger issues than what I'm dealing with. But, Lord help me, these "little" issues are issues too!

  2. Yes they are, I guess we just have to be thankful they are little issues. Kinda hard to do sometimes though.

  3. That all sounds like enough to chase an over-worked muse away. Hang in there! Glad to have you back!


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