Monday, April 25, 2011

The rumor heard round the internet

  I despise Internet rumors. Many of us seem to think that if something gets forwarded to us from a friend, it must be the truth. When did we start believing everything we hear?

   I don't care who you vote for, but at least try to find the truth. I get a minimum of five emails a week about President Obama, all of them easily verified as untruths, but no one takes the time to look. When I look at the email trail it came from, there are dozens of people, now passing the same thing around.

    I'm almost tempted to start a separate blog with posts that consist of the rumor and the links to the truth. Most of the emails are just childish, someone in the school yard pointing and trying to start trouble, but some of them are mean spirited.

   "You voted for Obama to prove you weren't a racist, now vote against him to prove you're not an idiot."

   Why? Give me reasons, and another option. If there is someone who is a better candidate, I will vote for him or her, but until then, I feel confident in my president's ability to lead this county.

   The people who pass these emails on are not stupid people, just ill informed. The reality of it is, we can find anything we are looking for  to support our point of view, regardless of what it is, online. The Internet contains a wealth of information, and just like this blog, anyone can write it.

   Ok, now I'm really on my soap box, I'm afraid I'm going to have to take on these rumors. I won't do it hear, hopefully I'll still have something funny to say here, but on my other blog, Offending the Masses, I will.

   Now, I'm off to search for something funny to write here.



  1. This whole forwarding things on via email drives me batty. Whether it's political crap or other stuff. If it's funny, I don't mind so much. But unless it's hysterical - I won't forward it. I am constantly amazed by the stuff that is forwarded - and who is doing the forwarding.

  2. I receive so much misinformation in my inbox...I always have to keep Snopes handy to figure out the truth.

  3. Gigi- I never forward, we've all heard it before, once in a while something new and funny comes along but it's rare.
    Jerry- who ever invented Snopes is my hero, now if others would just learn to use it.

  4. I finally (more or less) got my peeps to stop forwarding stupid stuff to me. Every time they sent me something I checked it on Snopes, and if it was BS, I would send them an email back that just said "Not True" and included the Snopes link.

  5. ...And you have another blog??? Off to check it out now!


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