Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding- Off with her head!

  I don't really want anyone to cut off Kate's head, I just like saying that. Camilla, maybe, Kate, no she is darling, and her sister Pippa, very lovely.
  I had a post for yesterday, it was  in my head and all the little notes in my dayplanner, just waiting to come together. Didn't happen. I came home from work, and became wedding obsessed.

  I watched all the footage I could find of Will and Kate, then I started looking at footage of Diana and Charles, then that leads to footage of Diana and her boys, then Harry's tribute to his mother. There is certainly a lot of coverage of that family.

   I recently watched the Kings Speech, if you haven't watched it i highly recommend it. I loved that movie and suddenly wanted to be British. I tried the accent but I'm really bad at accents so maybe British isn't good for me.

   All the references to Prince William marrying a "commoner" cracked me up. You can only interbreed for so long, every couple generations you have to introduce some new blood otherwise you become Kentucky or Alabama.. To make everyone feel better the genealogists did their research and found that Kate and William are 15th cousins.

   Kate looked lovely, William dashing as always, the Queen, she looked very much like her mother, I think she is 85 now. My favorite part was the music, all that pomp and circumstance, how can you not feel like a princess with all that going on.

  One last thing, the little frowning girl is taking over the Internet, if you go to Buzzfeed you can see all the places little Grace has visited that were just too loud!


  1. Yep -- the wedding was mesmerizing and I think a lot of people feel like it is pretty cool to be British. I am looking forward to The Kings Speech coming out on DVD -- which is the only way we watch movies.

  2. Jerry it's on DVD, that's how I saw it, not much of a movie goer either.

  3. I have the King's Speech reserved at the library - there are over nine hundred people ahead of me. I'm guessing it's very good indeed!

  4. Being that I was on vacation anyway, I got to see some of it (cause I can't sleep past 6:00 am anymore for some reason....) It was a beautiful wedding. And that little girl was just precious for words.

    Love the new look, by the way!

  5. Tatty: It was an amazing movie, I had to research the royal family after watching it- thanks for stopping by.
    Gigi- weddings are always so lovely, I want all the bells and fancy music when my Mo gets married, ten or twenty years from now!


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