Thursday, April 28, 2011

The land Mother Nature forgot

  It's not nice to fool Mother Nature. Remember that commercial, I do, and I took it to heart, don't mess with Mother Nature. Apparently she has no such hang ups about messing with me.

  Utah has become a garden war zone. Last year I planted my veggie garden three times, it snowed on it twice and killed it. The third time it snowed but it was also over 60 degrees within 15 minutes so everything lived. Sort of.

  Last year we had approximately 60 seconds of spring. It snowed on May 24th and then a week later it was 95 degrees. The plants we managed to nurture through the snow were fried before they even had a chance. Even my zucchini did poorly, and who ever heard of zucchini that wouldn't grow?

  This year I'm afraid we are in the same boat again. We had one beautiful 65 degree day in March and I went out back and dug trenches for the new sprinkler heads.

  Now it's a month later and between the rain and the snow I still have trenches in the back yard and to top it all off, the grass is ten inches tall. I can't mow the lawn until I get the dirt in the trenches. I can't get the dirt in the holes until it stops raining, and snowing and hailing for more than 15 minutes.

  I realize I live in the desert and I should be grateful, I am grateful dammit, I'm just afraid that the new leaves on my tree are gonna get confused and start changing colors. Even the damn geese are confused.

  So if you find a little sunshine, please send it our way. I need to fill in those holes before I lose Clementine in the high grass.


  1. This really has be a year for goofy weather. We were roasting at 80 degrees on Superbowl Sunday and we haven't gotten to 70 degrees yet this spring. Dang!

  2. I think of that commercial often as I am cursing Mother Nature when she sends us 80 degrees one day and 60 degrees the next. Hmmmm.....maybe I should try sweet talkin' to her....

  3. Linda- seriously? That would have been awesome and then so disappointing!
    Gigi- I've even tried begging, nothing has worked


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