Monday, April 4, 2011

Hockey games and beauty advice

    Saturday night I had a date. I know, what are the chances? He must be a brave fella cause it was a third date so I'm starting to question his sanity.
    Anyway, we went to a hockey game. Nothing I like better than beer and men kicking each other's asses in the name of sports.
   Before we found our seats, I needed to find the ladies room. In I go, and as I get ready to hang my purse on the hook on the door, I see this:
  I start laughing, granted it's a stop smoking campaign, but in the ladies room? I have to take a picture which I immediately share with the gentleman who was kind enough to bring me to the game. He laughs, but I'm not sure if he thought it was funny or he thought I was making fun of him. He may have a hair or two less than he did at 20.
 We enjoy the beer, the game and the company of the people around us. There is even a little person on the ice so I send a picture to Joyce because they frighten her. All in all, a good time.
  As we are leaving, once again, I need the ladies room. Into the stall I go, and this time:

  Now they are getting personal. Still I had to laugh, I wanted to look in all the other stalls and see what other kind of harm smoking was inflicting on my dating life but I was laughing too hard.

  Maybe it's really time to quit.


  1. OMG! I love those signs! They could add "Frigidity" and really get some attention. All because of smoking? Uh huh. I see.

  2. Ah, smoking. We spend our younger years sticking monkeys on our backs and the rest of our lives trying to pluck them off. I missed that monkey so it must be something else making me go bald.

  3. Hey, at least it didn't say anything about vaginal dryness!


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