Sunday, April 24, 2011

Earth Day, a couple days late

  Better late than never! I think every day should be Earth Day. Not in a celebration kind of way, just in a conscious living way.  When you think about it, our parents were trying to teach us to conserve our natural resources long before it was cool.

  "Shut that door, do you think I'm heating the outside?"
  " Turn off the light in your room or you'll pay the electric bill"
  " You are not too old to take a bath with your sisters."
  " How many bikes does one family need? Share or do without."

  Now granted, most of those came from a financial standpoint rather than an earth friendly one, but the outcome was the same. I've said some of those very things to Mo, not about the siblings, I conserved my natural resources, and sanity, by not giving her any.

   I try to live a green life, and try to get Mo to do the same. One of our biggest disagreements is whether or not it is possible to sleep with the TV off, I say yes, she says no. Since I go to bed before she does, she wins by default.

  We do recycle, I'm learning to compost, I try to reduce and reuse. Sometimes I throw things away, without thinking, other times I buy things I don't need. No one's perfect, but I do try.

  Having said all of that, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am the Salt Lake City Recycling Examiner. I write articles about recycling in my neighborhood. It's fun and I'm learning more things to do with stuff I previously had no idea how to recycle. Check it out, some of the ideas will work in your home town too.

  Also, they are always looking for people to write local articles. So if you would like to write about what you know, where you live, click here and get started. You don't have to be an expert, after all, they let me do it!



  1. You can have the best of both worlds with the tv issue - just use the "sleep" option!

    I try too, Carol, but these two guys I live with just don't seem to care as much - so I think my effort is just wiped out by them. But then I remember, every little bit helps.

  2. Gigi, you're right, every little bit helps. Even if everyone else doesn't want to help, at least we are doing what we can.

  3. You don't bath your kid? O.o

  4. I mean I get the whole green thing but seriously.

  5. i belive in miricles and we need one.

  6. doesnt everybody need a miracle at some point??<3

  7. can i use that image for my school coursework? I need your permission. thanks, please get back to me at


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