Saturday, April 23, 2011

Doggie 'Do's

Clementine got her hair cut. Then we had a thunderstorm, not her best day. This little dog of mine loves to ride in the car, until I pull up at Petsmart or the vet. Then she just shakes. She is so smart, I know everyone says that about their dogs (and kids) but this time it's true.

When we go for a drive she sits in the back window until she recognizes the area, then one of two things happen, she either shakes or tries to jump out the window when the car is moving.

If I'm taking her somewhere she doesn't like, she shakes but if I'm taking her to Clay and Tree's to play with her friends she just about kills me trying to get out of the car.

Also, as much as she hates the groomer, she knows it's new toy day so as soon as we come out of the grooming salon she runs right over to the toy aisle and stands there with her little turned out paws, waiting for me to come and get the toy she wants.

Stinking dog, good thing she's cute!

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