Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween is my favorite!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I know it’s not actually a holiday but around here it’s a pretty big deal. My ex husbands birthday was Halloween so we liked to have a costume party for the adults so his birthday didn’t get completely overlooked, it was always fun.

When Mo was little I made her costumes. I hated store bought costumes when I was a kid, that vinyl feeling suit with the plastic mask, those sucked. Apparently Mo feels the same way about home made costumes.

 She has been a jack in the box, an angel, a flower in a flower pot, a hula dancer, a black cat, then she insisted on fairy costumes, from the store. Damn kid.

I dress up every year as well, it's half the fun. I usually have two or three costumes, one for work and one or two more depending on how many parties there are. this year I had three.

I was Cruella Deville at Matt and Sandi's party, I recycled that from last year, see how green I am? For work I was a crazy cat lady, complete with a litter box cake.

Trina, Clay and I try to do a group thing. Last year he was a priest and we were nuns. This year, Trina came up with dysfunctional beauty contestants. I was Miss Conduct, in my little prisoner outfit, Keisha was Miss Demeanor, ummm hmmm, yes she was, Trina was Miss Behaving- she was a devil, but the winner of the Miss Dysfunctional USA 2010 was Miss Guided.
Even though Trina glued his eyes shut with his eyelashes and he kept losing fingernails in his panty hose, he rocked the lady beauty contestant thing! Can't wait to see what we come up with next year!


  1. How fun!!! Love that picture and the whole beauty contestant theme!


  3. My first Halloween dress up party....Yay.. It was so fun... Dysfunctional... yes we were... I wonder if he has ever found all of his lost fingernails... hmmmmm... Love you guys

  4. Alex loves Halloween too! And any kind of a costume party, he's thrilled about. Me not so much. When I've done it, it is fun though!

  5. Sounds like the party really starts with the dressing up. You guys are too funny ... losing fingernails in his pantyhose!

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