Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What is happening to me???

      Just a short little blog today, cause you all know I'm like, writing for real! Anyway, I seem to have a problem. What is that problem you ask? I’m turning into Julia Child, well, Julia Child if she couldn’t cook and had absolutely no idea what ingredients compliment each other. Mostly I just drink lots of wine, wear a funny apron and talk with an accent, southern not British.

 Seriously though, since I’ve started writing my novel as part of National Novel Writing Month, all I want to do is cook and bake.

   Now the baking part, that’s pretty normal, it’s November. This is when the baking begins in earnest. Cookies, breads, candy, truffles, I can’t stand it. I must bake goodies! This cooking thing? I have no idea where that came from because if you know anything  at all about me, you know I can’t cook. And don't want to, that's why God made take out.

     On Sunday I made dinner, which is pretty normal, if I make dinner it will be on Sunday. Usually it’s something as easy as possible, throw a roast in the crock pot with some onions, carrots and potatoes and  life is good. No, this Sunday, I made bbq chicken, which is pretty easy, not a lot of thinking required but as I was throwing the chicken and bbq sauce in the pan I thought, wouldn’t some cheesy scalloped potatoes be wonderful with this?

     I looked around the kitchen because I was quite sure that thought didn’t come from me, but no one else was home. I actually went online, found a recipe and made homemade scalloped potatoes. I didn’t know you could make them without that little box that Betty Crocker sells.

     Right now it is 7:30 in the morning and I’m thinking about dinner. Mo doesn’t have to work, I bought some spare ribs, I will bbq half for her, she hates most food but if I cover it in bbq sauce or ranch dressing,  she will eat it. The rest? I’m thinking a honey garlic sauce………..Now who the hell said that? Who is controlling my brain?

    Wait, some of that beautiful basmati rice from the rice cooker, and that carnival squash I bought to decorate the table for fall. I didn't even know that was edible but somehow I found myself googling "weird looking decorative squash" so now I'm going to cook it.

    Stop the madness! And if this isn’t enough to let you know I’ve gone over the edge. Saturday I invited some friends over for a girls wine night. Once again, very, very normal for me, however the reason behind the invitation was not. I had some new appetizer recipes I wanted to try.

    I'm starting to wonder if this is some weird empty nesting thing. You know, before you  give birth you clean, organize and decorate, feather your nest for your new little one. Maybe since I know Mo is in such a hurry to leave home I'm trying to fatten her up to prepare her for the lean times when she leaves home. Or maybe, I've just gone crazy.

   Please, send help and something called Chinese five spice? WTH???.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween is my favorite!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I know it’s not actually a holiday but around here it’s a pretty big deal. My ex husbands birthday was Halloween so we liked to have a costume party for the adults so his birthday didn’t get completely overlooked, it was always fun.

When Mo was little I made her costumes. I hated store bought costumes when I was a kid, that vinyl feeling suit with the plastic mask, those sucked. Apparently Mo feels the same way about home made costumes.

 She has been a jack in the box, an angel, a flower in a flower pot, a hula dancer, a black cat, then she insisted on fairy costumes, from the store. Damn kid.

I dress up every year as well, it's half the fun. I usually have two or three costumes, one for work and one or two more depending on how many parties there are. this year I had three.

I was Cruella Deville at Matt and Sandi's party, I recycled that from last year, see how green I am? For work I was a crazy cat lady, complete with a litter box cake.

Trina, Clay and I try to do a group thing. Last year he was a priest and we were nuns. This year, Trina came up with dysfunctional beauty contestants. I was Miss Conduct, in my little prisoner outfit, Keisha was Miss Demeanor, ummm hmmm, yes she was, Trina was Miss Behaving- she was a devil, but the winner of the Miss Dysfunctional USA 2010 was Miss Guided.
Even though Trina glued his eyes shut with his eyelashes and he kept losing fingernails in his panty hose, he rocked the lady beauty contestant thing! Can't wait to see what we come up with next year!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Five year olds and the DMV

It’s amazing how grown up our kids are one minute and how completely five years old they are the next. Recently Mo’s car needed the tags renewed, I figured she should do it, she needs to know how.

I went over the process with her, what to take, where to go. The entire time she is rolling her eyes, “ I know Mom, I’m not five, I think I can handle this.” Fine, do it yourself big girl.

Mo gets out of school, texts me and says she is going to the house to pick up the paperwork and then heading to the DMV. Awesome, maybe she does have this. Half an hour later I get a phone call from a very pissed off little girl.

“Mom, my insurance card is not in my car.”

“ What did you do with it? Remember, I gave it to you and told you to put it in the glove box?”

“I did, now it’s not there.” Little girl is displaying major attitude here.

“Well obviously Sweetie it never made it to the glove box, if it had, it would be there.”

“Mom, I’m not stupid, I know I put it in there.” Boy is she pretty pissy, like this is my fault.

“I don’t think it made it to the glove box and it got thrown out. There is so much trash in your car, you don’t know what you’re throwing out.”

Then through gritted teeth she says to me, “ I DID NOT THROW IT AWAY.”

“ Whatever Mo, I gotta go, you are going to have to figure this out.”

“ You wanna know how I know I didn’t throw it away? I never clean out my stupid car so nothing gets thrown away.”

This makes me laugh, really hard.

“Fine, laugh if you want Mom, I’m gonna go look again.”

Ten minutes later I get the following text.

                     Found it, love you Mommy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Writing, writing,writing.....

 Still working on my NaNoWriMo, I'm at almost 7,000 words in two days. Thanks for the comments, I'm reading them all. I'm also reading your blogs but I know if I get distracted by commenting I will never get back to writing so forgive me if I don't comment. It will be December before we know it!

Day One

  I did it. Day one 5115 words. That's all folks, nothing else, thanks for supporting me. I got to get out of this chair, my butt hurts!