Friday, October 1, 2010

With you all things are possible.....

   This is for you, all my lovely bloggy friends. My new friend Vicki has given me an award. If you haven't read her blog you should, she is definitely a glitter frog and makes me laugh. Even more amazing, she reads what I write and we are not related AND I don't even have to pay her!

   I'm horrible at these blog award rules, this one says you should give it to 15 people, well, I don't follow rules so I'm giving it to all of you, grab this award and put it on your page and then pass it on to 15 deserving souls, or not, as you see fit.

  Instead I'm going to present you with 15 random things I know, or have thought recently. So basically this is your fifteen minutes inside my head. You've waited forever for this haven't you?

#1- Measuring cups do not get stored in the fridge.

#2- Strippers use Visine to get the red out after shaving before spending the night on the pole.

#3- I miss lighting bugs.

#4-The only part of gym class I liked was climbing the rope.

#5-Earrings and vibrators? Seriously!!

#6- It is physically impossible for a 17 year old girl to replace the toilet paper roll.

#7- Hair extensions are actually glued in with a special hot glue gun.

#8- If you close the swamp cooler for the season it will be 90 degrees for a week.

#9- The bigger my ass gets the more I want ice cream, and sweat pants.

#10- There is a middle aged woman who stalks me from my bathroom mirror. I don't know how to get rid of her.

#11- Sometimes my kid is too honest.

#12- If wishes were horses there would be a lot of horse shit in my yard.

#13- Friday the 13th is my lucky day, or it was, until my sister got married at the drive through.

#14- Yeah, she's gonna kick my ass for #13

#15- Why does it always smell like ass in the kitchen at work?

  That's it, all I've got. Grab an award and go spread joy. I love that people read what falls out of my head. I appreciate it every single day, your comments make me feel all warm and fuzzy. Thanks for that, I can always use warm and fuzzy.


  1. Good God, Baby, stay out of the kitchen at work! And congrats on the award!

  2. I loved it. I read every one of your blogs out loud for me and Lindsie to read. Thought you should know. I love you aunt missi

  3. I also read all that you write...It makes me feel closer to you....I love you < : ) > this much !

  4. We are not related and you dont pay me (well in cash anyway!) for reading your blog. I love every single one! You inspired me and Rocky my darlin friend. You deserve the award and many more!!!

    Love ya

  5. #15....I would really think twice before you put anything on the table or counter...i am sure after everyone goes home the roaches are out doing the nasty!

  6. mean you would have paid me had I asked?!?! Well, thanks for telling me NOW. Seriously, I think I should pay YOU, you're so freakin' funny! And...ass? Really? Wtf they been cooking in there???

  7. Ha! #6! I have requested this 3 times already today, No Kidding! I keep going in there and running back out. #9 too. First day cool enough to tempt me into yoga pants I haven't worn since May and yeah....they were too tight!

  8. Okay so I read #2 as strippers use Visine for the red after shaving. . . meaning they use it to prevent shaving issues. lol

  9. Oh, congrats on the award! I cracked up at #10...tell that middle-aged woman to clear out before sexy biker chick gets home.

    Da nerve! Love the random thoughts!

  10. I've been trying to get you warm and fuzzy for months. Now you tell me -- just a comment?

  11. Yes, Jerry...she's THAT damn easy. Sad, huh?

    (just kidding, carol!)


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