Monday, October 4, 2010

Thank you Dr. Edwards

   Dr. Robert Edwards received the Nobel prize in medicine. He, along with Dr Patrick Steptoe are the inventors of IVF- in vitro fertilization.

   I can't give you an award, all I can give you is my thanks. Thank you for my baby, for all the babies. Thank you for every minute that I am Mo's mom. When the doctors all said it was impossible, I had hope, because of you.
   So thank you for my little Mo, each and every second of my life I am grateful for your knowledge, perseverance and determination.
   Congratulations, you deserve this and so much more for all you have given to us.


  1. Oh! Your sweet little baby girl. What a wonderful, precious gift...and you are a better person because you realize how precious it is!

    So many ppl take having babies for granted...

  2. Great.It's an honour to get a nobel.Great work done in the field of medicine.Truly deserves to be applauded.



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