Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My buddy and me....

Do you remember the toy, My Buddy? And the song:

My Buddy and me

Like to climb up a tree.

My buddy and me

We're the best friends that could be.

My youngest brother had a My Buddy doll, he would drag that thing everywhere, until he saw the Chucky movies, then he wanted nothing to do with it. He was afraid of the operator too, weird kid.

This isn't about a toy though, this is about my real life My Buddy. I've blogged about her before, she is a constant in my life.

I love my sisters, this has nothing to do with my love for them. However, with my sisters I find that we have certain expectations of each other. Our feelings get hurt, we don't talk about what bothers us, we dance around each others feelings.

Not Tree and I! Dammit if she pisses me off, she's gonna know about it, and vice versa.

Sometimes our friends are a mirror image of ourselves. In this case, Trina and I are each others good side. Sometimes she will call me and say "OK, am I just being a bitch?" and if she is, I will tell her she needs to let whatever is bothering her go. At the same time she will tell me, stop poking that man with a stick, he doesn't deserve it. I hate it when she's right.

   Trina is the friend who holds you when you cry and makes sure you don't puke in your hair. She is also the friend who laughs until she pees her pants after you fall out of her house, but only once she's sure you are ok. If I ever have to go to the hospital, Trina is there. Even when I was married Trina was the one holding my hand when I was scared.

We are able to listen to each other and see what the issue really is, instead of what we are pretending it is  amin order to protect ourselves. With Trina I can be who I really am, warts and all. I can honestly say, I don't know who I would be without her. Trina is who I want to be if I ever grow up. I hope one day, Mo is lucky enough to have a friend like Trina.


  1. Missi,
    So glad you have a friend like that...The entire time I read your blog I thought of my Randa, she is that person for me and people who are not lucky enough to have someone like this in their lives are truly missing out! Here's to Trina and Randa, Thanks for all you do!!!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to what sounds like a wonderful person. From observing your friendship, I think Mo will be seeking out her own Trina - because she will have witnessed the beauty and value of having true friends from you.

  3. well Miss you hit the nail on the head, as you know I never had sisters to grow up with, didn't meet them until I was 45. But like you I have a best friend...Dot, she understands my good and my bad, and she is there when I need her. I only wish we could have gotten closer years ago, but thats water under somebodys bridge, so I will just enjoy her friendship for as many years as we have together..Thanks Trina for being my girls friend...Momma

  4. Trina is extraordinarily lucky to have such a friend. Okay -- you are too. The both of you are blessed to have each other to love...and love you for who you really are. Don't lose each other.

  5. Wow. What a lovely, heartfelt post about someone who is obviously an excellent friend.

    I'm glad you've got such loving support in your life...we all need that!


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