Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Random Everyday

Time to clear out my head and make room for my novel to take shape. This is the kind of stuff that I wonder about, not enough to keep me up at night, but still.....

Why are there always so many crumbs in the silverware tray? Who’s eating toast in there?

Why is it that the crotch of pantyhose is never remotely close to where my actual crotch is?

If I didn’t forget to let the dog out and Mo didn’t forget to let the dog out, who forgot to let the dog out?

If I’ve been INVITED to attend a Gala, why do I need to PAY $250? Am I just not understanding this whole “you’ve been invited” thing?

The longest red lights are the ones where I’m stuck next to the kid in the $50 car with the $8,000 stereo system.

Why is it, the older I get the oilier my face is, aren’t wrinkles bad enough? I gotta have an oil slick in my golden years?

Why is it humanly impossible for me to wear a white shirt to lunch and not go back to work with something spilled down the front of it?

Why is it that at 17 you are pretty sure you know everything and that your mother knows nothing? And at 46 the opposite is true, you realize you know nothing and that your mother was right about everything.

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you thank Mother Nature for the beautiful weather, she rains all over your parade?

 Ok, there's a little more room in there now, I might be ok. Tomorrow is the big day! Just think you can say you knew me when- you know, before I had a total brain explosion and had to spend the rest of my life in a padded room. See you on the other side of November.


  1. My explanation for spilled food on my shirt, which happens too much, is, "There are less calories if it is on my shirt!"

  2. Crumbs in the silverware drawer - how is it even possible???? But yet, there are more there than are under the toaster.

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  4. I own stock in "stain stick" I spend so much on it I wanted a return on my investment:) As far as the crumbs.....they come from the same person that keeps stealing one sock.......

  5. I triedto tell you I was for the food on the shirt, you get that from your mother!!!Good Luck Baby...I know it will be worth the read....Love You.....Momma xoxoxoxo

  6. Good luck, Carol! I'm really excited about you undertaking this. Wow! I'm impressed! Really!

  7. Those are all so true, but the ones that made me laugh out loud are the pantyhose crotch and the music at the red light. Thanks for sharing!

  8. No! Not the other side of November! I'm going to have to veto this project, sweetie. Did you run this by me ahead of time? I mean, I want you to be successful...but I need my Carol-fix.


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