Thursday, October 7, 2010

I think it may be time for an intervention

   I have really, really good intentions. The list of marvelous, wonderful things I am going to accomplish every day is manageable. Apparently I'm not good at time management. Here is the plan for the day that lives in my head:

5am- get up, do some light stretching, shower, hair and make up
6am-2:30pm- work
3pm- straighten up the house while dinner is in the microwave
4pm- eat a nice dinner with Mo
4:30- catch up on a few blogs
5:30- work on the Christmas presents and baby gifts that are in the basement waiting for me
6:30 write
7:30- yoga
8:15 light weights
8:45 write until bedtime

  This is what my day actually looks like:

5:30- oversleep- jump in the shower, go to work with wet hair that I will pull back in a clip when I get there. Through on some eyeliner and mascara at my desk.
6-2:30- work, frequently checking my email to see who has commented on my blog
3pm- throw something in the microwave while responding to comments on blog
4pm- eat a hot pocket and string cheese while reading blogs
5pm- have a glass of wine and walk downstairs to look at the Christmas mess
5:15- get a tweet that says Kathryn has published a new blog- run upstairs to read it.
5:30 write tomorrows blog and get more wine
6pm- think about exercising and decide it's not a good idea because I've had two glasses of wine, so read more blogs
7pm- get more wine and see if we have any cookies
7:15- walk downstairs again to look at presents. Wait email update on my phone, someone just commented on my blog- back up stairs I go.
7:30 respond to comment and read more blogs
Shit, it's ten, time for bed. This is getting out of hand. I work for eight hours a day, I sleep for seven, then there are like two hours for personal hygiene and commuting, the remaining seven hours I spend drinking wine and reading blogs. I think this may be a problem. The only way to have enough time  to read blogs is if I quit my job.

  I thought about it , I really did, but I wouldn't be able to pay for the Internet so in order to read blogs, I'd have to spend all my time in a coffee shop or book store with free wi fi, the gas would get shut off so I wouldn't be able to shower, I'd get kicked out of the bookstore. It's probably best if I keep my job.

  Tomorrow I"m turning over a new leaf. I'm going to become disciplined! No blogs until after I exercise and write something!  That should motivate me to get something done. Although, I really think I should still be able to respond to comments while I'm heating up dinner. I won't read any blogs, but it's impolite not to respond to comments.

  Maybe I'll get disciplined next week. Or even better, it's always best to start a new habit at the beginning of the month, so maybe I'll get disciplined in November. Then again, it would be a good New Years resolution.

  Send wine, I don't see my habits changing.


  1. We really were cut from the same cloth! Now, should I send red or white?

  2. Oh Baby, I feel your pain. But I'm inclined to drink a little wine while I start dinner. A little chicken marsala over a simple pasta with a green salad. Now how SIMPLE is that??? You are such a little goose! Microwave indeed!

  3. Oh my - I do believe we have the same's crazy how blogging can take over your life! At least you manage to write your blog on a consistent basis - this is something I've yet to conquer.

  4. "5:30- oversleep- jump in the shower, go to work with wet hair that I will pull back in a clip when I get there. Through on some eyeliner and mascara at my desk.
    6-2:30- work, frequently checking my email to see who has commented on my blog..."
    OMG, you just described my day. I would include after "oversleep", dick around on computer too long, panic, throw crappy clothes up, hair in ponytail, race to work, only to get there on time by a knats ass..."
    We're sisters!!!

  5. Can you combine some stuff, tape a laptop to the treadmill, run, blog and drink wine at the same time, true multi-tasking!

  6. LMAO!...and I usually hate people who use those acronyms, but really...LMAO! Good luck with that girl! You're no better than the rest of us! And we love you for that. I'm sending wine as I type!

  7. I guess that I am just not "with it". I write in my blog maybe once a week, if that much. I will actually sit and read comments for about thirty minutes twice, or maybe three times a week. Blogging stuff is just pretty darn low on my priority list.

    That is not to say that I don't love my fellow bloggers, present company definitely included. But I am fully aware that my brain can't cogitate for too long a period. It's an age thing. That's gotta' be it.

  8. I'm so glad to know that I am not the only one who's every day life is like this.... Now i feel normal and will just tell everyone to bug off, when I have to check my messages every 5 min, or when I show up fashionably late.... Thanks for bringing the norm back into my life...

  9. HA! Oh, God...I'm practically CRYING, I'm laughing so hard! (Sorry, neighbors)

    I couldn't help but notice that Mo was in your original plan but never even made the cut in the final, actual version...did you notice this?

    I think you're incredibly brave (naive) to think you can get all that done in a single day. And all that exercising! I mean, stretching in the morning, working out and yoga and weights? Oh, my. You've GOT to be kidding me.

    You get an "A" for imagination, sweetie. And another for cracking me up!


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