Monday, October 4, 2010

I think I may have a problem

     Last week at work Joyce and I were talking with Anu, a sweet little lady from India that works with us. They were talking about rice, apparently there is more than one kind of rice, who knew? Move over Minute Rice!

      They were talking about rice with beautiful names like basmati and jasmine. It was lovely to hear them talk, I wasn't picturing rice in my mind, instead I saw fields of flowers and other good smelling things, needless to say I was drifting and not paying attention to the conversation.

       Then it happened. Rice cooker. What is a rice cooker? Is this some kind of appliance I've never heard of? What does one do with a rice cooker? Why cook rice of course! Tell me more!

       I began quizzing them on rice cookers. What do they look like? What do they do? How do they do it? Where can I get one? I was all a twitter.

       I didn't even make it home, I had to stop at that big box store we all love to hate and buy myself a rice cooker. There were so many to choose from, different sizes, different brands. Oh, my! I bought the eight cup one, because six cups didn't sound like enough. I mean, maybe I'll have company and need lots and lots of rice.  Now, I'm ready for anything with my handy dandy little rice cooker.

       I rushed home to show Mo my wonderful little rice cooker. As I walked in the house I remembered two things:

   1. I don't cook, not even rice,

   2. I don't even like rice!

     What the hell was I thinking? My little rice cooker sits, on top of the refrigerator, still in the box. I haven't even opened it. I'm waiting until I clean that one cabinet out, then I'm going to shove it in there, where it will wait, until I need eight cups of rice.

      I wonder if you can pop popcorn in it? Oh wait, I don't eat popcorn either.


  1. Ahh yes, we in retail love the impulsive buyer!

    *whispers in your ear so you'll think it's your subconscious talking* goooo tooo vicki's many thiiiiings...make a good bonus for viiiiickiiiiii....

  2. Honey, how can you not like rice? Everybody likes rice! Jasmine rice is a gift from the gods! I make organic brown rice twice a week for my dogs. I make rice at least twice a week for my husband and me. I don't even have a rice cooker. Try it! Just try it!

  3. Rice is a staple food in my country so you cannot but eat rice twice a week. Hahahaha, we all get the impulse buying thing once in a while. You could use it one day. Who knows?
    Love your posts

  4. I do rice in those little bags that you boil the hell out of. Now that you have the cooker, you need to solicit a rice recipe or two and try it out. You may find a whole new culinary direction in your life.

  5. Oh, you are too funny! So, it's taking up the food processor? Surely there must be something you can do with it. I mean...why would they make an appliance that can only make ONE thing? And WHO in their right mind would buy- -

    Oops. Never mind.

  6. u can use it sweetheart, ur the pot luck queen, look up some yummy easy recipes for ham fried rice, or make teriyaki chicken throw it on some rice, we could have an asian night, SAKI baby, ect ect


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