Monday, October 25, 2010

Barefoot Summer

One of the things I love most about summer is being barefoot. I keep flip flops in the car when I have to run into a store and I wear sandals at work. The rest of the time my feet are gloriously naked. As soon as I get home from work the shoes come off and if I have my way, they don’t go back on until I walk out the door for work in the morning.

I’ve always loved being barefoot. The feel of cool grass under my feet is wonderful. Or the soft black dirt of my vegetable garden. I love being barefoot.

Now that fall is hear and I’m wearing shoes more I have come to realize that after a barefoot summer my feet could be considered lethal weapons. When you shred your socks pulling them on, there might be a problem. My sheets are thin where my feet lie at night.

I bought a pedi egg because one of the guys at work raved about it. I sent that thing home crying to its Momma, and I decided my co worker must have sissy feet that have never seen the light of day.

So it’s back to my tried and true method. Spend a few nights with some sandpaper, grossing Mo out as I sand layers of crusty skin off my feet and then use the pedicure system Mo gave me for Christmas one year. I’ll soak my feet and then dip them in wax, after the wax comes off slather them with lotion and spend the winter in socks.

Come Spring my feet will be lovely and soft, for about a week, then it’s back to square one.


  1. I live in sandals or bare feet in the summer too - which reminds me I need to go work on my feet.

  2. I hate shoes to!! The one luxury I give me and my girl is a pedicure 2 times a month! It is not only good for my feet but for my Psyche too:)

  3. You should try scraping them against the sidewalk, I've seen it done before.... lol.... Pedi's are a must, and I don't care how much they talk about me as I lay back in that chair....

  4. Ok, I have to admit, I hate sitting in that chair for a pedi, I'm afraid life is passing me by why someone is rubbing my feet and talking shit about me.

  5. Ours is a largely shoeless household. I throw on socks and slippers if it gets cold enough, but for the most part my wife and I are in minimalist footwear. Lots of crusty skin and all.

    I recall seeing a young lady with feet that appeared to be hard leather. She did without even flip-flops. No shoes at all. Hard core! Not unusual in a California coastal town.

  6. I don't ever take off my high heeled shoes except in the bath. (Oh, in bed too, sometimes.)

  7. Me too. Either barefoot or sandals most of the year. I do like the Pedi Egg thing but obviously don't use it enough. I know it's time when I start snagging the sheets at night. (ewwww, gross!)


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