Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wine makes you young- Dr. Oz said so

I'm a fan of Dr. Oz. Seriously, who hasn't spend their entire life following that yellow brick road? Ok, I know he's not THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ, but I've discovered he's a really, really smart guy.

I'm never one to jump on the TV talk show doctor wagon. Dr. Phil, really? But Dr. Oz, he's pretty cool, and his books have pictures.

I'm addicted to the YOU series, I have them all, You Staying Young, You on a Diet, You Being Beautiful, You an Owners Manual, You Are One Hot Momma, ok, I made the last one up but I think it's a good idea for his next book.

I am currently re-reading You Staying Young and believe it or not, I've got this stuff down. Dr. Oz is just reinforcing what I already know- red wine is the shit! He even says so no fewer than 10 times in this one book.

He explains it all, some thing in the wine turns on genes that help you stay young. All I care about is a doctor said "Drink wine and you will be young and beautiful" No need to read anymore, this is one beauty secret I can live with, besides when I turned the page there was something about rectal tampons and I decided that even if he does know about wine he just might be a little on the weird side.


  1. rectal tampons?!?!? thats a horrible thought. just ponder the reasons for needing one. ewwwwwwww!

  2. Your beautiful through and through my friend the wine has nothing to do with it! But I think we should keep drinking it so we can stay young and free:)

  3. You always said wine would do things for you...but not the ones you have said said things like it will make you stupid and get you to go to vegas and marry someone you barely know....but I like the keeps you young and beautiful much better.
    Love You Momma

  4. Wow! I don't even know Dr. Oz and I'm already wanting to marry this man!

    I found it interesting that you first said that red wine would make keep you young...then you said it would make you young and beautiful! Since I believe everything you tell me, I'll figure it's both, since you're already such a beauty!

    I don't suppose the same rule would apply to white wine? Red give me a headache. Does this mean I'm destined to be old and ugly? Say it isn't so!!!

  5. I can't even begin to guess what you use rectal tampons for. But I do love WINE!!

  6. From one wino to another, "Cheers Honey"! Now I need to google rectal tampons. Damn!

  7. I actually think Dr. Oz is cute and kinda fun to watch even with the sound off. I have his YOU Owner's Manual, but haven't read the whole thing. Seems I've missed the most important part -- the wine, not the rectal tampons!!!

  8. I wish I was a wine drinker, but I'm not...I'm waiting for the day someone comes out with the notion that chocolate makes you skinny!


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