Friday, September 17, 2010

Who are these people?

Sometimes you just have to ask yourself- is anyone really that stupid?

When I call the doctors office the recording says " If this is a life threatening emergency, hang up and dial 911"- I always call my gynecologists office when I cut off a limb or something.

Tag on my blow dryer says "Do not use while bathing"- this takes multi tasking to a whole new level.

I dialed a wrong number today, the recorded message said " If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please hang up and try your number again." When would you not reach that recording in error? Is anyone so lonely they actually dial a wrong number to listen to the recording?

A package of light bulbs carries the following warning " Bulb will become hot during use." Seriously?

And my new vacuum even tells me " Put the vacuum away after every use to prevent tripping accidents."

It's a slow night, I'm painting Christmas presents and reading labels in between coats. Right now my life should carry a warning " Repeated exposure may cause you to die of boredom."


  1. Honey, how about on prescription bottles, "Take one pill orally twice daily". Uh how did they think you would take them? Nasally? Rectally? In your ear?

  2. Ok ladies we think these warning are ridiculous and that anyone with common sense would not need the it. UNFORTUNATELY some dumb ass actually cut themselves on a sign, touched a hot light bulb, spilled hot coffee and snorted pills then sued for it! Its sad that some people really do need the warning:)

  3. The sharp edges sign is a total hoot! I kind of like that one. We were reading up on a medication not long ago and it said some warning about not sticking it in your vagina. Hubby and I fell off our chairs laughing and figured, yep, some dingleberry must have done just that.

  4. My personal favorite is the commercials that start off, "If you or someone you love has died..."

  5. I remember a cigarette lighter that had a label warning: "Do not use near face or clothing."

  6. Of course, we know it's all about the lawsuits.'s amazing how stupid they must think we are. I love the "Do not use snowblower on roof of house" warning...or the tv ads where the car drives off the cliff and the warning says "Don't try this at home."

  7. My favorite is when you make a phone call and the recording comes on automatically and says press 1 for English or press 2 for Spanish....well hell yes I want it in English I live the friggin USA! Learn to speak English!


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