Friday, September 17, 2010

When did this happen?

Fall is in the air. Yes, I realize it's the middle of September and the rest of the world has happily embraced the cooler temperatures, new school clothes and changing leaves, but I'm dragging my feet.

It's time I joined the fall party. We have had night time temperatures in the 40's and Mo had asked me several times why I refuse to turn on the furnace.

I mumble something about getting it inspected and needing a new filter but the real reason is I'm not ready. I was just warming up to summer, turning on the furnace means admitting it's gone.

Not gonna do it. I still have plans for this summer. I have a bikini I haven't worn, farmers tans I want to get and tomatoes I want to eat, fresh from the garden.

I'm a little behind but this weekend I will be working to catch up. The scarecrow will be under the tree, the fall wreath on the door and I'll caulk the stupid windows.

Maybe I'll wear my bikini while I decorate the house for fall. It's gotta be done, might as well enjoy it, and provide another excuse for the missionaries to steer clear of my house.


  1. Let me know when the activities begin so I can be there with camera in hand!! I have not turned the furnace on either but more due to hormones. lol

  2. Love your spirit -- wearing your bikini while you decorate for Fall sounds like the perfect way to say goodbye to Summer!

  3. We just got back from a week a the beach. We aren't ready for fall yet either. Happy decorating.

  4. I'm typing thru my tears because you said "temperatures in the 40's." If I tried to put a scarecrow outside I would have to bring it water to prevent dehydration...and it would laugh at me..

  5. Wow...if you garden in that bikini, you're gonna find yourself on YouTube!

    I know just how you feel, sweets. I feel very melancholy when I see the leaves begin to change...and I never feel ready. Kudos to you for pulling out the fall stuff...I won't do that till around the middle of October!

  6. I get depressed every year at the arrival of Fall. I am already feeling it. As soon as the time changes I can't wait for Spring! My favorite season of all. But then Friday's are my favorite days of all. Pull out that bikini and wear it! It's not cold yet!


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