Monday, September 27, 2010

Toddler Fashion

   This weekend Ivy Love came to stay with us.I always say with us but really, she comes to stay with me, Mo is much too busy with her life to help much with a toddler.

   Saturday night we went to the races. Ivy loves the races, she claps her hands and watches all the cars, she even lets me put those little foam ear plugs in her ears. Her little expression when the cars take off is so cute, she looks so excited.

   Ivy went down for a nap in the afternoon so I jumped in the shower. Now that Mo is 17 I've forgotten how to take care of basics like showering with a little one underfoot. After I got out of the shower I ran around in my towel because Ivy's port a crib is in my room and I didn't want to cut her nap short.

   While waiting for Ivy to wake up a friend called, we chatted for a while and I hear Miss Ivy calling for me. I went upstairs to get dressed, still on the phone. Ivy is so happy to see me! She is jumping up and down and I notice she's naked. One of her favorite things to do before her nap is to strip so this wasn't unusual. Then I notice she is peeing all over herself and the blankets in the crib. I quickly tell my friend goodbye, throw on some clothes and get Ivy out of the crib and into the tub.

  Piece of cake, while she's in the tub playing I do my hair and makeup, not really looking at myself because I'm making she Ivy doesn't fall in the tub.

   Somehow we manage to get ready, out the door and to the races on time. We had a blast, Mo and her boyfriend went, we met Marianne and crew there. I was feeling pretty good about managing with a toddler after all these years until Marianne tugged on the tag that was sticking out of my cleavage and said, " Could this be on backwards?"

  Yes, I went to the races with my tank top on backwards. At least Ivy looked cute!


  1. Oh I can see Miss Ivy's face now...If I had gotten off the phone with you a little bit earlier, you might have gotten to her in time... but then again, she would surely have done somethin else to keep you running around... Love it..It's never a dull moment when you have Miss Ivy around... However i'm sure you still looked fabulous backwards and all...... Keisha

  2. I always look fabulous with Ivy as my fashion accessory!

  3. I can't imagine getting ready with a toddler anymore. Too exhausting. At least you were wearing a shirt!

  4. Hey, it gave me a chance to slip my hand in your shirt:)lol You are awesome with that little Miss Ivy! Im younger than you by a year or two and I know I could NOT keep up with that girl! Thanks for coming, it was great fun!

  5. Any of our grand kids get in the bath they are prone to be in there for hours if you let them, sure Ivy looked very cute.

  6. Ivy is the cutest name and girl ever! I know you looked smashing with her as your designer baby!


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