Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To coupon or not. That is the question


   I have good intentions. About twice a year I decide I'll start using coupons and save a crap load of money and take an exotic vacation and be interviewed on Oprah about how I traveled the world on 50 cent off coupons.
   Side note- since I'm easily distracted. Why is there a dollar sign on my keyboard but no little cent symbol? Hmmmm?  Who decided we all have dollars and no cents?
   Back to the reason I'm here. I've decided to start SAVING MONEY!!! Yes, that is exactly what it looks like in my head when I  think about it. Sunday I bought the paper, I dutifully cut out all the coupons and stuck them in an envelope. Today when the sales circulars came out I found a website that will not only tell me what is the best deal, but will also tell me where to find coupons for said deal.
   They make this so easy. I'm armed with a list that I printed off that handy dandy little website, my coupon envelope and a plan.
    Please don't remind me that I don't cook, I'm still excited about the possibility of SAVING MONEY!!!


  1. I must be ever so slightly a bit worse off than 'easily distracted...' I've been cutting coupons faithfully for years. I even have them in a little coupon organizer, each in its appropriate catagory. I even know exactly whats in there, which amazes my kids to no end. I leave it on the counter in the kitchen. Then I go to the store. I see toothpaste on sale for 2.15 CENTS (yuh, no cents sign!), and I think, whoa, I have a coupon for .75. Doubled thats 1.50. That means IF I had my coupns I could be spending .65 cents for a big tube of toothpaste.........
    No flies on this kid..... er, sort of.....

  2. your definately your mothers daughter....always have clipped coupons..but leave them home when I go shopping....but I have to tell you...I wanted these shoes that make you lose weight and make your butt better...well $99.00 was the price but I thought this will be good for my butt...well bought them and returned them for my money back...made me walk like I was club footed...your father laughed at me like it was my fault....sooooo when to KMart and bought a pair for 19.99 and I have lost 15 lbs...thanks for my shoes...maybe diet had a little to do with it but I like the shoes and I will get another pair as soon as I go there again !!!

  3. Good luck on saving money!!!! I think that's very cool of you! I've been meaning to do it for so long and still haven't gotten around to it. However by the time I'm finished with my day it's late and the lines are packed... I don't want to be known as "THAT GIRL" who everyone has to wait for.

    Maybe the day I'm writing full time I'll actually start saving real money! You'll have to keep us updated!

    Glad I visited your blog today! I'm a newbie!

  4. Saving money is great! Clipping coupons is great too. It's just too bad that I never take coupons with me when I shop. It's all too hard! I think I'll just start stealing a little money from my husband every day. He won't notice and it's easier than saving coupons that I don't use.

  5. Which site are you using bc I do this as well about twice a year. It just never sticks.

  6. Ha! I do this too! Although, since I also don't cook, I have given up on clipping the food coupons. But I'm always gungho about how much I'm gonna save on household and beauty products. About the time I remember them, they are expired.

    And, only since I always wonder where people come from, stopping by from Kathryn's.

  7. I am the. worst. with coupons. I'll cut them out and put them in a folder and then, by the time I go to use them? EXPIRED. How that happens? I have no idea. None.

  8. Glad I am not the only one who struggles with this, although I kinda like Linda's idea, just need to get a husband first!

  9. Oh, good girl! (You don't cook) You'll save a shitload of cash this way! (You still don't cook) And then Oprah will definitely be uber-impressed with your saving skills! (Maybe you can donate the food to the homeless before it goes bad?)


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