Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

   I recently wrote a post about how I'm such a good Auntie, teaching Ivy to say all those wonderful bad words and then rewarding her with cookies. She's too cute to actually ever discipline! Anyway, the comments on that post got me thinking about Mo when she was little.

   Mo was, and still is, a talker. Sometimes I think that girl came out of my girlie bits speaking in complete sentences. When she was 18 months old her daycare mother told everyone that Mo could speak better than most 5 year olds. Yes I was busting my buttons proud. She spoke young and she spoke well, Mo always spoke clearly, so clearly that other people had no trouble understanding her, no baby talk for my baby! This was cute, most of the time. I can remember a few occasions where cute is not what I would have called it.

   For some reason Mo never really swore. I'm sure she repeated a word here and there but never to the point that it became something we needed to correct. Mo generally would accept our explanations  of what was and wasn't acceptable. She called Beavis and Butthead, Beaivs and the other guy until she was 12, we didn't allow her to say butthead, it wasn't how nice girls talked.

  However Mo always seemed to know which words, even thought they weren't  "bad" words, would get a rise out of people.

  When Mo was two we went to a local Christian church that had a great worship band, Mo never went in the nursery because she loved the music and would sit quietly and listen to the pastor speak. One Sunday after the band was finished playing and we were waiting for Pastor Steve to talk to us Mo told me she wanted to go up there and talk.

   " Sweetie, you can't, that is not for little girls it is only for the Pastor, he tells us about Jesus, remember? " I'm thinking maybe my baby is going to be a minister when she grows up, she wants to speak to a whole congregation!

  Pastor Steve steps up, says hello to all of us and proceeds with that days lesson. Suddenly, my little girl, in that loud, loud voice that only toddlers seem to possess, says " Mommy, I want to talk, it's my turn."

  " No sweetie, it's Pastor Steve's turn, you can't go up there."

   " Mommy, I want to talk!" A little louder this time.

   " No, Mo, now sit still and be quiet."

   " But Mommy they let the monkey talk all the time!"  Pastor Steve started laughing. He did look a little like a monkey.

     Then when Mo realized that penis was not a word said in public, then of course, she had to say it. We were in the grocery store, she's in the front of the cart looking as cute as can be when she smiles up at me and says, " Mommy, did you say penis?"

   "  No Mo I didn't, do you want some pop tarts? " Distract, distract, distract.

   "Yes you did say penis Mommy, I heard you say penis."

    " How about some candy, want some Junior Mints?"

And then my sweet little baby looks at the lady who is passing us in the aisle and says, " My mommy said penis." Then she started singing it.

    All I could think  was why oh why did I teach her to talk?


  1. lets think back a feeeeeeewwwwwww years to when a sweet little girl walked over to her grandma (who was bent over looking at something in a large department store) and took he little hand and goosed her grandma who squealed like a pig in heat...but that was ok because Momma just walked away like she didn't know either of them...lol...do you remember????

  2. Thanks for this! I definitely needed the laugh (along with my coffee) this morning! Gotta love the little ones.


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