Saturday, September 4, 2010

My talents are legend....

This weekend I decided to have a cookout and invite all the people I love. Lots of yummy food, great company and just enough alcohol to season the night.

I worked diligently preparing all day, chicken, sausage, potatoes, squash, plus plenty of hamburgers and hot dogs for the kids.

I chopped and marinated a ton of veggies, squash, onions, green peppers, mushrooms and potatoes for the foil packet dinners, lettuce, tomatoes and onions for the hamburgers and hot dogs.

I made incredible cupcakes, filled with cream cheese and chocolate chips. I was also going to make a jello poke cake, lemon, lemon, lemon! How hard can it be, cake mix, jello and frost it with pudding. The lemon sounded so refreshing on a hot summer day.

I had a major jello fail. How can this be? I live in Utah, the jello capital of the world, and I fail at jello.

I bought lemon jello and lemon pudding. After the cake was in the oven I started to make the pudding so it would set up in time to frost the cake with it. Measure the milk, pour in the powder and whisk away.

It's not getting thick, isn't pudding supposed to thicken, at least a little while you are whisking? This did not. I was wondering how I managed to buy defective pudding when I noticed the box of pudding sitting on the counter, right where the box of jello was supposed to be.

Apparently I poured the jello powder into the milk instead of the pudding powder. Does not work the same. No refreshing lemon poke cake because although my talents are legend, making jello is not one of them.


  1. I am so glad I am one of the people you love! I love you too. We sure know how to have fun dont we?

  2. Well you sure do take after you Momma when making Jello...I seem to screw it up everytime...can you send me the recipe for that it sounded good....Love You Momma

  3. Jello is icky anyway. Count your blessings, Utah Girl!

  4. Haha sounds like me! I made muffins the other day and my son took one bite and said "YUKE"...oh well :)

  5. Oh, you are too funny! I'll bet no-one even missed the Jell-o with all that great food on hand. You DID invite me, right? Checking my answering machine...

  6. Oh, that just sucks! And sounds like something I would do. Bummer! I recently made a poke cake that was devil's food cake with raspberry jello and chocolate pudding on top. It was pretty tasty! Lemon sound good, too!


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