Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet Clementine the next Houdini

Mo came home from school on Tuesday and called me at work. This, in and of itself, is unusual. I tell her to call me, so I know she is alive, hasn't been kidnapped by aliens, gotten lost, or distracted by something shiny. She never remembers. When I call her to make sure none of the above things have happened, she doesn't answer. Her reason is always the same, “ I was peeing woman!” That girl pees more than anyone I know.

   Back to my story, there is a story in here somewhere, I promise.  So Mo calls me and says "We can't leave the windows open anymore when we leave."

  Now I don't know about you but that one sentence made the bottom drop out of my stomach, someone has broken in and stolen all of our shiny things!

  Then she explains, there was a note on the door:

Your dog was on the roof cause he climbed out the window and couldn't jump back in. I brought him inside to keep him safe. Come by when you get home.

My dog? All nine pounds of her, climbed out Mo's window trying to escape her incredibly rough life of ball chasing, bone chewing, and sleeping on my pillow.

  I should tell you that Clementine is the world's best escape artist. She can dig under a fence in the time it takes to answer the phone. Usually she runs away to the post office. I don't know why, maybe she wants to bite a mail man.

They have me on speed dial because when she gets in the post office, and she always goes in, no hanging in the parking lot for my doggie, she acts like she is rabid and won't let anyone touch her. She likes to go in and lay on the tile floor. WTH?

  So now my little Houdini has found another method of escape. I can just see her sitting on the couch, sipping a cocktail, having a snausage, giggling to herself as she plots her next escape.


  1. Oh she's on that couch, watching General Hospital, sipping a martini for sure!
    I would love to see that: a dog on the roof. How clever is she though!

  2. That is hysterical that she goes to the post office! Maybe she saw a cat on a roof and decided it was a challenge ; )

  3. Please give her a letter to your Momma...she will remember to mail

  4. Sweet Baby Jesus, that is too much! I wanna a super-dog! the have a blog award waiting for you on Glitter Frog! It has rules and they're posted with the award. Love and smooches, dear lady!

  5. Oh, God...I would've thought the same thing at first! Then, I thought it was a ransom know: "I've got your dog."

    What a little sneaky-cutie she is! And, don't you have screens on your windows??

  6. She is a wily little critter, that's for sure! As for the screens, we took them off for some reason when we moved in and I put them somewhere safe, now I can't remember where that somewhere is!


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