Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Land Under Construction

Today I drew you a picture, just like in kindergarten. Why? Because thanks to the State of Utah's construction wizards, I am stuck in my home.

Yes, I really am that awesome with the little paint thingy on my computer.  I love my neighborhood, Loopy Land, and one of the reasons I love it is there is only one street in, that's Loopy Lane, it comes in, loops around and goes back out. We are very self contained, almost elitist, and we like it that way. Unfortunately that means there is only one way to the Hummingbird house.

  That fancy little purple square, that's what my house would look like from space, if the roof was purple. Back in July they put those flashing signs on West Street, which runs directly behind my house, and is the only way to Loopy Lane,. The signs said West Street would be closed from July 21st to July 28th. No big deal, right?

  The first day I came home using North Street and entered Loopy Lane, they were digging up the road directly behind my house. Ok, still no problem. As the summer has worn on they have moved south down West Street and it remains closed from the south. Still not a big deal.

  I have to tell you that North Street has been under construction for five years now. A two mile stretch of road, and it's still under construction. I could have paved it with Lego's, on my hands and knees. The construction on North Street is now at the intersection of North and West Streets, in the past this has not been a problem because I could access West street from South Street. Not anymore.

  So I come home from work and find that I cannot turn onto West Street from North Street. WTF? How am I supposed to get home. I didn't think about it too long because I really had to pee so I jumped a few curbs and cut through some guys back yard, and made it home. Not sure when I can ever leave again, guess it's a good thing after all that I bought all that case lot food.


  1. Oh. My. God! I don't know whether I'm laughing harder at the thought of you jumping fences 'cause you have to pee or the audacity of the highway dept to block you from your own home!!

    This absolutely wins the WTF award...that's for sure!

    Love, love, love your drawing. Don't you adore the way it makes our handwriting look like we're five years old? This is how mothers could get away with doing their kids' paintings for them!

    So, I'm to understand that you are the ONLY house in that entire neighborhood???

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  3. O darlin I think this calls for some reinforcement from the girls, the liquor store, the Henna lady and the Deli. Let me see how soon I can put it all together. lmao. I lived on Old Bingham Hwy when I was a teenager and the roads out there were under construction then. Maybe we should invest in a Hot Air Balloon:)

  4. The power of a women who has to pee. LOL! Great drawing. I hope you can get out of your house soon.

  5. Kathryn- other people live here, I just couldn't bring myself to draw their houses!

    Bubbles- Bring wine, you will have to climb fences to get in but at least the police can't come if we get too loud!

    Beachcomber- after giving birth peeing is not something you have the most control over!

  6. Make yourself a pitcher of margaritas, put on some loud music, and chill, How stupid to do that! Hopefully, they'll finish it before work on Monday.


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