Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Dammit! I thought I could do anything, I am woman hear me roar! Well, I just got my ass handed to me by a rolling cooler and some super glue.

My partner in crime and I are going to see Sheryl Crowe at Red Butte. I have a cute little rolling cooler I bought just for the concerts. They let you bring your own food and drink, and trust me, we need a truck but the rolling cooler will have to do.

The first time I used this little cooler the wheel popped off and I have been on a mission to fix it. How hard can it be?

I bought a little bolt to hold it on, but wait, the hard plastic that holds the wheel is cracked. No problem, I have super glue.

Yeah, what the hell ever. Why do they call it super glue? The only thing it will glue together is my freaking fingers. Now I'm sitting here typing this one handed trying to figure out how to separate my fingers so I can pack another cooler, one that doesn't roll, so I'm gonna need both hands to carry it.

And I'm trying to decide what evil needs to be done to the people who invented super glue, and tricked me into buying it!


  1. hey at least your fingers aren't stuck to your face from opening it with your teeth, cause it was stuck shut, and also I could remind you of a waxing job gone awry, this is not the worst thing to happen. Besides, you get to see Cheryl Crow,,,, jealous, very jealous.

  2. I hate Superglue, but I love Crowe! She rocks!

  3. Not even a 3 wheeled cooler can keep us from our drunken fun! Next time we will just use the little red wagon! Then we also have a place to sleep. lmao. The night was still very amazing. Thanks for taking me! Look out Willie, here we come:)

  4. Need a crack me up! Hey try Gorilla glue, it is my new best freind...kinda like duck tape for glue. I have found it will glue ANY THING! It does tho turn brownish after it sets up and dries, so if you want it to be clear outta luck there...

  5. You are a delight. I know that because you repair things just like I do...with damage to yourself. So if you are delightful, I can be delightful too.

  6. OHMYGOD! You poor thang! I thought Super Glue was supposed to fix ANYTHING. They'd be getting an angry (if not one-handed) email from me! I'd be putting a call into that cooler manufacturer as well. Things should work the way they're supposed to! Grrrrrr.

  7. I so agree. The most firm hold I've ever gotten from super glue was my fingers. Sounds like a great concert!


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