Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some days, the planets align

Last weekend Mo and I went to St George to see Cats. I know I already told you that but it's part of the story. Annnnnywayyyyyyyyy......

Recently I saw a picture of a bottle of wine on a blog, I'm sorry, forgive me, but I can't remember who's blog it was, the wine was called Fat Bastard.

I had to have it. The third Thursday of every month I get together with a bunch of my lady friends for Women and Wine. We each bring a bottle of wine and an appetizer and basically sit around and talk about whatever.

The funnest part is that we try to find the wine with the best label/name, so I really wanted Fat Bastard. We've had Bitch, Mad Housewife and Naked Earth, to name a few.

I thought since we were so close to Nevada I would drive to Mesquite and get Fat Bastard, they don't have it here at my local liquor store. I googled it and found that it was a 45 minute drive from where we were, then I remembered I was with a teenager. I was sure that the hour and a half drive to get a bottle of wine would not be Mo's idea of a good time so I decided not to go.

Mo and I went to the local liquor store, I was able to drive right there because I had spent 30 minutes the previous day looking for it only to find it closed at 7. What the hell?

So I'm wandering the liquor store making my 17 year old read wine labels, hey, don't judge, I make her read them, not drink them! We went up and down every aisle, nothing good. I got two wine coolers and went to check out.

At the check stand Mo and I are talking about Women and Wine and I said " Oh well, I'll go to the wine store downtown, maybe they'll have something funny."

The lady behind the counter said,
" Some of these wines have the funniest names, we just got one in, it has a bad word in the name, but I'm gonna say it anyway." And after looking around to make sure her bishop wasn't around, she whispered " Fat Bastard"

I said " You're fu**ing kidding me?" I am obviously not afraid of my bishop, and it helps that he wouldn't recognize me, because I'm not a member ya know.

"That's the one I want, can you get it for me?"

So this wonderful women took a chance to lose her endowments and handed me Fat Bastard.

I just wanna say, I'm grateful to the Church. They had this in the backroom and not on the shelf! So it was there for me to buy. Can't wait to tell this story at Women and Wine tonight.


  1. If you just wanted a fat bastard there are plenty here in maryland......oh thats right you wanted wine....well Im sure if I sent you a fat one from here he would have plenty of wine in Love You ...Momma

  2. I've had "Fat Bastard" and it's not bad! Love the name!

  3. I spent a pleasant evening at a casino in Mesquite during my sojourn a few weeks ago. Didn't think to check out the wine.


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