Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some days.... my life is too cool

On Sunday S, sister wife and I went to Park City, Mo's car had been acting up so after S fixed it he wanted to take it for a drive to make sure it was ok so we went to Park City,

First you need to know that I'm always a little bit lost and I absolutely hate it! I need to know where I am at all times. Since I had been to Park City most recently I was doing the navigating, this is almost always a bad idea. I told S where to turn. Turns out,I was wrong. Now if I had been driving I would have flipped a U turn and headed back to where I made my mistake, that's the only way I can navigate. Since S knows where he is, he doesn't do that.

My stomach is a little upset, I think S and sister wife thought I was kidding. I HATE to be lost, did I mention that? It doesn't matter if everyone else knows where they are, if I am lost, I'm freaked out.

S got us where we were going and we took a nice little hike through the city park to get to Main Street, There are so many interesting things along the way, I almost forgot my stomach hurt.

First we saw fish.

I know the pictures are a little hard to see, but they are made out of 5 gallon drums and car parts.

Then we came upon a sound garden.

This is from the inside of a piano.

These are some kind of parts from a car, I don't know anything about the inside of a car, just where the key and the gas go, so I took their word for it.

Then there was some wooden stuff. All the parts had these little sticks you could use to bang on them and make music. So after S, sister wife and I make enough horrible noises to scare off all the woodland creatures we continued on to Main Street.

A fun day was had by all. Although I didn't feel completely right until we were on the freeway heading home and I knew exactly where I was.

Thank goodness S and sister wife were willing to hold my hand along the way!


  1. Sister Wife 1 you kill me! I luv ya! It was a good day!

  2. It was an awesome day! I'm so glad I live in Utah and get to have sister wives!

  3. Carol, you have a Sister Wife? And a boyfriend? You're pretty progressive aren't you?

  4. Wow...I never knew this about you...that you hate being lost. ME TOO. I think it's losing control of your surroundings...I dunno. I just know that I get very cranky and yell at anyone and everyone. It's not pretty.

  5. I love getting lost....well I love getting lost when I don't have to be somewhere at a certain time. So many things out there to see!


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