Friday, August 27, 2010

Snoopy Dancing!!!

Woo hoo! I'm sooooo excited! This week I bought myself not one, but TWO appliances!

Re-reading that sentence makes me realize that I really, desperately, need to get a freaking life, but, whatever.

First I bought an awesome food processor, the very first food processor I've ever bought. IN MY LIFE! I really don't process much food and since I usually buy all my food pre processed it seemed like one of those " I'm better than you because I have a food processor" things.

A lady at work brought me in a ton of basil, last time she did that I made the worlds best pesto, and even my kid, who hates all things green, agreed. So I had a mountain of basil and couldn't find the little rubber gasket thingy for my blender.

Now granted, the last time I used that blender there was alcohol, fruit juice and ice involved but still, how can the little rubber thingy not be with the rest of the blender?

So off to the store I went, bought my snotty little food processor, which will not get used again until the next time someone gives me a mountain of basil. On the bright side, yummy pesto.

Then I finally broke down and bought my coffee maker. Can you hear the angels singing? This thing is freaking amazing! Best coffee ever, in under one minute! I love, love, love it, and I'm worth it!

So this weekend I am fully prepared to sip coffee from my fancy coffee maker with my pinkie finger extended knowing that I'm better than everyone else because I now have a food processor.

Just one question: Can you make alcoholic beverages in a food processor or do I need to get a blender and make this a three appliance week?



  2. It seems to me, and we don't have a food processor, that you could pitch some fruit in it with a splash of rum or vodka or sumthin'.

  3. Or, just go with my Fundamental Vodka Martini.

    Pour two ounces of vodka in a glass. Or cup. Or relatively clean shoe.

    Add one ounce of vodka.

    Add ice. Or, not.

    Drink slowly.

    After that I generally take a nap.

  4. GET THE BLENDER! Even if you can use the food processor you and I know after a few mixed drinks we would probably wind up taking a finger off or something:) We know blenders, they have never let us down so far:)

  5. just run your favorite alcohol through the coffee machine and you'll have the best of both worlds

  6. I love Anons suggestion! Who needs ice?

  7. Wow! You are the appliance queen! (Just kidding)

    I could have sent you MY food processor. I believe I've used it half a dozen times in the last 5 years. But then, I don't there you have it.

    Where the hell is that rubber thingie for the blender? This is bugging me now. WHY should you have to buy a new one if the rubber thingie HAS to be SOMEWHERE...


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