Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Post it note Tuesday

Haven't done this in a while but lots of randomness to spew!


  1. Lol LOVE your post! Drama queens take way too much energy to deal with, so I tend to ignore them.
    I'm hoping that my students this year eat oatmeal instead of bowls of stupid (and now I'm going to have to try REALLY hard not to tell them to at some point lol).
    And I wish someone would have given my dad the "don't check the compartments" idea when I was studying abroad back in college and he decided to clean out my car. A very sweet thought that ended with an awkward conversation later lol.


  2. What did you find, or is it too horrible to talk about?

  3. I try not to talk about it because then it's real. Nothing too bad but still frightening when you are Mom and your daughter is 17.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog Carol! By the way, I love your blog title! I forgot to say that earlier :-).
    As far as the car compartment, I was 21 when my dad went into my car--it was still disturbing for him too lol. I expect when I have kids and my turn with that comes, their age won't matter to me either!

  5. Kristen- stay out of shut compartments! It's not your business. I have a friend who has three grown daughters and she always says "When it comes to raising teenagers, ignorance is bliss" I believe her!


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