Monday, August 16, 2010

My weekend with Mo

When Mo turned 17 in June I got her two things for her birthday, the first was her Monroe, pictured here:

And also, because Mo is a theater geek, I got her tickets to the Broadway play Cats being performed at Tuacahn in St George. I had to do some fancy footwork because apparently between the two of us we've gotten pretty busy lately. We decided on the August 14th performance, which was also the last performance for this year so we just made it.

St. George is a little less than 5 hours from home so we decided to make a weekend of it. I was so excited about that. I know that before too long I will not be her traveling companion of choice so I'm taking advantage of this!

Our plan was to leave Friday morning and we were on the road by 9:30. The drive was uneventful, Mo slept a lot, 9am is the middle of the night to her, just like it was for her Grandmother.

I can't begin to tell you what fun I had with this child! We shopped, ate, read, visited with a friend and her beautiful baby and just basically enjoyed each others company.

The play was amazing but even more amazing was sitting next to my baby watching her watch the actors with the same look on her face she had when her Daddy and I took her to her first movie so very long ago.

I know that my blog is the place I vent about how hard it is to parent this being sometimes but I can't express how much I love the person she is becoming.

In so many ways Mo is your typical 17 year old. Her room is a mess, her car is a mess, she leaves a trail of glasses, plates and dirty laundry in her wake. In other ways she is the most incredible human being that I've ever met and I am grateful every day that I'm her Mom.

After the play, we took pictures with the actors and then Mo skipped to the car. Life is so amazingly beautiful, and my baby girl, she is the best part of that.

Thank you Mo, for spending the weekend with me and making sure your directionally challenged mother was never lost. You are all I could ask for in this life.



  2. Nice to watch them become someone you're proud of, isn't it?

    Lovely sentiments warmly told.


  3. What a lovely post! Happy Birthday Mo! She's gorgeous just like Mama!


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