Monday, August 23, 2010

Is it just me or are people getting weirder?

Usually when I write about Joyce on my blog it's because she has said or done something that has made me pee my pants. Although she continues to do that on a regular basis this post is about the weirdness in the world that she has experienced instead of her weirdness that the world experiences.

Joyce lives in the really nice part of town and she is driving in her jeep one day and she sees someone in the SUV in front of her start throwing trash out the car window, and they kept doing it, like they were cleaning out the car going down the road.

Not one to keep her mouth shut Joyce pulls up beside them at a red light and tells them to stop littering. You want to know the woman driving the SUV's response? Something about "the people in Utah" but the thing she kept repeating over and over was, "I'm a Berkeley graduate" like that somehow made it OK for her to come into our beautiful state and trash it. The man in the passenger seat told Joyce it would be a little hard for her to prove he was throwing trash out the window. Who are these people?

Then just a few days ago Joyce is taking her dog for a walk. She has a yellow lab, he is 120 pounds of love, the sweetest, least aggressive, best behaved dog you will ever meet. Joyce walks him to the school by her house and lets him off the leash in the field behind the school. Romeo is not a wanderer so when he is off leash he is rolling on his back in the grass, having a fine time.

When Joyce gets there she sees a man and teenage girl jogging around the perimeter of the field. She notices them but doesn't really pay any attention to them, she knows Romeo won't chase them or anything. After a while, she is walking with Romeo by her side in the middle of this field when the man comes jogging over. Joyce assumes he wants to talk, they live in the same neighborhood and he did come out of his way to jog over to her.

Oh no, this man jogs over and KICKS Romeo in the face!! Romeo drops immediately to the ground, no one has ever struck him! The man looks at Joyce and says, "Get your dog on a leash" and jogs away.

This person went out of his way to come over to Joyce just to kick her dog! And the worst part of it is that he made her feel small. It's so scary that anyone, at anytime can enter our world and harm someone we love, without provocation.

Is this who we are? Everyone talks about politician and how screwed up our legal system and welfare system and school system are, but what about the people who inhabit this beautiful country of ours? When did we become a nation of self important, entitled little twatwaffles?

As a parent, neither of these things are examples I want to set for my child, but children live this everyday, like the teenager jogging with the dog kicker, what message are we sending our kids?

Now I'm sad, and I'm especially sad for Romeo, beautiful boy, out enjoying a stroll in the grass and gets kicked in the face, simply for existing. Poor Joyce, she didn't even know how to react to this, but who would?

If we are human, where is our humanity, our simple human kindness. I think I'd rather be a dog.


  1. This makes me sick. I wish that she had the wherewithal to call the cops. That is definitely illegal (as well as sick).

  2. That is so disgusting. I wish your friend had called the cops on the litterjerks and the dog abuser. Either that, or I wish she had simply pulled out her little gun and shot him.

  3. I am appalled. And that word is usually too fancy for me. I agree with call the cops or shoot him because twatwaffle is too nice a description!

  4. My boss went on Vaca to NJ this past week so when he came in tonight to collect the checks for the week I of course ask about his trip. He told me about all the fun things they did and B*tched about the NJ drivers then tells me that he almost got into a fight on the freeway... Now my boss is maybe 5'7'' & small guy but he is very hot headed so I could only guess what would have caused a freeway fight. Apparently they were stuck in traffic and the guy in the car in front of him was done with his soda can and tossed it out the window, my boss being the smartass that he is pulls up to the can and picks it up, the next time traffic stops he gets out of the car and knocks on the mans window soda in hand. When the man rolls the window down he proceeds to give him back the can and inform him that he left it behind. All the people in the surrounding cars clapped and honked for him, The litter bug was not quite as happy!


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