Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm in love..................

With my carpet shampooer. Don't worry, the first person I told was my man, he seemed ok with it, said something about the vibrating attachment.I'll have to check for that.

But back to my carpet shampooer. On Monday since I got the shampooer out to do the car I thought I should go ahead and do the carpet. I was grumbling the whole time because I hate vacuuming and shampooing the carpet is just like vacuuming but sweatier, and you still have to vacuum first.

I thought I should buy new carpet because between teenagers and dogs and my lack of vacuuming skills, this carpet is getting pretty trashed. I did the front room first, pretreated all the stains, ran the carpet shampooer over it and I swear there was a bright light and a choir of angels! I don't need new carpet, just to clean mine once in a while. Maybe I'll even vacuum.

Speaking of vacuuming, I just ordered myself a new vacuum. Not an expensive one just one I am hoping is as good as the Dirt Devil I had in the 90's. I refuse to pay $500 for vacuum, then I would really have to use it, however, I do like to buy myself appliances.

I buy myself appliances because I don't have a spouse to buy them for my as romantic gifts for Christmas or my birthday. I figure if I keep buying appliances by the time I get married and a special occasion rolls around my loving husband will think " This woman has every appliance known to man, I must buy her diamonds and fancy chocolates."

Hey, it's my dream, don't laugh, it's not polite.

For my birthday I bought a new printer, the shampooer was a Christmas gift. I've also purchased a stand mixer and a coffee maker. As a rule I try not to buy kitchen appliances, I don't cook so why get peoples hopes up.

Right now I am coveting a Keurig coffee maker. My friend JJ has one and I'm obsessed with it. I google them all day to look at the pictures. Somehow that sounds different in my head. Anyway, I want one really, really bad. Christmas is so far away, would I be out of line to buy myself a Labor Day present? I mean, after all, I was in labor once.


  1. Funny you shound mention the dirt devil you had in the 90's...I STILL have it!!!! and use it often to clean the cars =)

  2. No freaking way! I loved that thing!I ordered another dirt devil, just got it, I'll let you know if I still love it as much as that red plastic one!

  3. with all the crazy projects that turn into full out JOBS, I personally believe you need a Keurig coffee maker! Just sayin...Did that help with the guilt?


  4. Haha! You go get yourself a Keurig. You deserve it after all that hard work.

  5. Thanks ladies. I will get my pennies together and go buy my Keurig.

  6. I have a Keurig ... worth every penny and makes such a perfect cup of coffee, every time! BUY IT! :)



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