Friday, August 20, 2010

I love my house, I love my house

I do love my house, please don't get the wrong idea. I just had no idea it would be so......needy.

When I moved in I knew it needed updating, I was ok with that. I saw it as an opportunity to make this house uniquely my own. And if you know me at all, you know when it comes to decorating, I'm nothing if not unique. Do I need to remind you of the screaming yellow kitchen? Also, this house has some purple squares randomly painted on the walls, I was trying out a new color.

That's not the kind of needy I'm talking about, needing to be remodeled is something I can do in my own good time. The things I'm talking about are the needs that have to be done right now. Like the new roof. I have a beautiful new roof, but before I got it I had to climb up there and patch the roof. Have I mentioned that I'm afraid of heights?

And my swamp cooler is possessed by the devil so it makes me get on the roof just to kick it at least once a week.

And then there is the siding. Call me naive but I had no idea stuff could just fall off your house. Since I've moved in I've had to nail different pieces of siding up several times. Yes, this is that house,the one with the nails you can see holding the siding on.

This weekend when Mo and I were away two huge pieces blew off the side of the house. This necessitated finding my big girl hammer and making another trip to the roof, with nails.

Summer time in Utah means that the beautiful dark brown roof I just bought is approximately hot enough to boil water during the day. I will only get on the roof barefooted because I need to be able to grip with my monkey toes so I had to wait until it was almost dark to get up there.

My ladder only reaches to the rain gutter and I'm afraid of heights, did I mention that? So not only does the roof need to be cool enough for my feet but I need to be able to army crawl up it.

The siding is back on the house so we don't look quite as ready to be condemned as we did, but I did learn a valuable lesson.

If you hit vinyl siding with a hammer, it kind of shatters. So the siding is up but there is this weird, jagged piece missing. Guess maybe I need new siding, or I could just paint the wood underneath white and I bet you'd never even notice.


  1. Houses need every time you turn around. I think kids are less needy! Ugh! I don't do heights either!

  2. You are very brave and courageous and I'm in awe of you. Do you have a tool belt? We need a picture of you with your tool belt holding a hammer in one hand and a ladder across your other shoulder. It would become my pin up picture.


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